“Dynamite” songwriter shares the story behind BTS’s chart topping song

April 04th, 2021

One half of the songwriters behind BTS’s “Dynamite” David Stewart opened up on how the song was created. Stewart along with Jessica Agombar have been longtime collaborators, having written songs for popular artists such as the Jonas Brothers and Hailee Steinfield. So when the opportunity of writing a song for BTS came to them, they were excited and determined to write a hit song.

Stewart gave a detailed insight on how the song was written. He said that BigHit Entertainment was looking for an upbeat song that “doesn’t take them too seriously.” He also explained that the key element of  “Dynamite” is in its simplicity and a catchy chorus.

The songwriter also mentioned that the song had undergone multiple revisions.

“The song is a bit weird and wacky, it was originally weird and wacky but it underwent some changes. It was originally called ‘Mr. Dynamite’, and they also changed the hook from “So call me Mr. Dynamite” into “Light it up like dynamite.”

This made us curious of what the original song was all about. Stewart stated that he was nervous on how Columbia Records and BigHit Entertainment would react towards the song.

Prior to “Dynamite,” Stewart was coming from the success of writing “What a Man Gotta Do” for the Jonas Brothers.

After two weeks, he received the news that both companies liked the song they had written and they immediately started to work on the music video. 

He also mentioned that the fans of BTS thanked him and Jessica for writing an amazing song.

“This morning, when I opened my Twitter and my Instagram. I was surprised that the fans all thanked me and Jessica, in writing for their song.”

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