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Avatar: How this 11 year old film took back its throne as the highest grossing film

April 04th, 2021

James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, 41 days after its release overtook Titanic and became the highest grossing film of all time – making $2,749,064,328 in the box office. That’s 600 million more than Titanic. That sure is a lot of movie tickets. 

For 10 years, it would hold this title uncontested until 2019 when ‘Avengers: Endgame’ was released. The Marvel movie made a whopping $2,797,501,328 in the box office. For 22 years, James Cameron films were the highest grossing films ever. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo came in and broke that undefeated record. Cameron congratulated them through Avatar’s official twitter for beating his record.

But that wasn’t the last we would hear from ‘Avatar’. Early in March, ‘Avatar’ was re-released in China to much success and positive feedback. It reached $2,841,379,794 box office gross – reclaiming its former lost title. The Russo brothers repaid thanks and congratulated Cameron, along with an iconic line from the Avengers:

With that, ‘Avatar’ takes back its place as the highest grossing film of all time. Avatar 2 is still up and coming, set to release late December next year. With such a long wait, fans are anticipating whether or not this next movie by James Cameron will live up to the original’s success or if it can beat its monstrous record.

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