ForesTree: Fulfilling a promise with a mobile memory game on native trees

April 03rd, 2021

This mobile game called ‘ForesTree’ teaches you about Philippine native trees, features beautiful illustrations, and was created in fulfillment of a 30-year-old promise.

Funny Cow Games, an indie family-run studio, recently released their first educational game in partnership with Forest Foundation Philippines. ‘ForesTree’ is a match-up game that tests your knowledge on indigenous trees in the country, as well as its leaves, fruits, and flowers.

Designed by Cynthia Bauzon-Arre, the hand drawn card sets give players a proper reference to study these plants. A special learning mode even provides interesting information about each type of tree.

Behind ‘ForesTree’ is a heartwarming story of fulfilling a long time promise. Gabby Lacuesta, who helms Funny Cow Games, was raised in a family of environment advocates as he grew up in the lush boondocks of Davao. He shared that the project was actually dedicated to his late father.

In a blog post on Forest Foundation Philippines, he recalls a 30-year-old idea from his dad where he dreamed of having an educational game that promotes environmental awareness and activism.

“My dad was very supportive of my early interest in programming. I have clear memories of him looking over my shoulder as I messed around on the Apple computer he used for work when I was around the second grade.”

His father then planted the idea for a game called ‘Save the Forest’ — which was drastically different from what Lacuesta eventually came up with. Players took the role as protectors of a forest to stop illegal loggers and grow trees.

While ‘ForesTree’ may not exactly be what his dad had in mind, he hopes that it will be much more impactful with its educational aspect that appeals to all ages.

Gabby Lacuesta works full-time in the finance world while he creates video games on the side with his daughters.

‘ForesTree’ is available to download for free on iOS and Android.


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