Filipina writer joins ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ official game design team

January 20th, 2021

Round up your party and call on your Dungeon Master because Filipino D&D fans have something to celebrate!

Makenzie De Armas, the lead writer of ‘The Islands of Sina Una’, has just announced that she is now an Associate Game Designer at Wizards of the Coast  the publishing company that produces Dungeons & Dragons.

De Armas previously worked on an independent project called ‘The Islands of Sina Una’, a Campaign Setting for the 5th Edition of D&D that is based on Philippine mythology. While the tabletop role-playing game has been around for about 47 years now, it was the first time to see a campaign representing Filipino culture. The project was widely successful, having raised $42,558 for its production. According to Director Lucia Versprille and Co-Director Joshua Mendenhall, everyone on the ‘Sina Una’ team was of Filipino heritage as well. While its members are spread across the globe, a number of Philippine natives helped bring ‘Sina Una’ to life. Among them are writers BJ Recio, Joaquin Kyle Saavedra, Pam Punzalan, and Sinta Posadas. Since the launch of the campaign, it has inspired other Asian RPG creators to release their own games.

Character design from ‘The Islands of Sina Una’

On her website, De Armas says that she played her first Dungeons & Dragons game in 2018, which would ultimately change her life. Sure enough, she’s been active in the tabletop RPG community since then. She has published several best-selling titles on Dungeon Masters Guild, the official marketplace of D&D content. Her previous work, Knarl’s Candy Compendium, has also earned her an ENnie Award fan-based awards for role playing game products. The Filipina writer graduated last 2020 with a BFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University in Orange County, California.

The D&D community in the Philippines looks forward to seeing De Armas make strides at Wizards of the Coast.


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