Manila Grey announces new single and video, Backhouse Ballin’ ft James Reid

March 02nd, 2021

MANILA GREY announces a new single and video, Backhouse Ballin’ ft James Reid, set to drop this Friday (March 5). Along with the single + video MANILA GREY announces the release date and pre-save of their forthcoming album No Saints On Knight Street (March 26). In celebration of the forthcoming album MANILA GREY released a video for 00 Luck (Freestyle).


From the dark skies and streetlight soundtracks of Vancouver comes MANILA GREY, the new era hip-hop and R&B duo who has perfected its original night rider sound to create a world all its own.

Comprised of Soliven and Neeko, two Filipino-Canadians who immigrated separately to British Columbia from Manila in their youth, the group combines the aesthetic vibes and sonic influences of both locales into one unique, seamless package. Gaining momentum from a pair of recently released EPs and earning over 65 million streams in the past two years, the duo has also performed a sold-out tour across 12 cities and five countries. Riding on the strength of hit singles and videos like the high-speed sound of “Timezones,” the warm and lush chords of “Silver Skies,” and the menacing synths of “Night Code” while also repping its own new street culture and lifestyle curatorial arm known as 1z Collective, MANILA GREY is set to release the new album No Saints On Knight Street this sprint and break with the real ones in an even bigger way.

Where some contemporary artists are content to function as little more than a face for music essentially written and conceived by others, MANILA GREY operate on a different level. Sol and Neeks have hands on every aspect of their products from start to finish, lending the duo an auteur-like control over everything they release. From writing beats and rhymes to mixing and editing tracks for production to conceiving and directing videos to creating artwork, clothing, and other visual elements to curating lifestyle events, release parties, and more, every piece of MANILA GREY output on the supply chain has been touched and guided by the pair from conception to release. The duo relies on its undeniable synchronization and shared vision to succeed.

No Saints On Knight Street tracklist

1. Knight Street
2. In My Bag
3. Blue Vegeta
4. Zen Mode ft. P-Lo
5. 00 Luck (Freestyle)
6. Long Game (Neeko’s Redemption)
7. Shibuya Interlude ft. Renz Monclare
8. Shibuya ft. azel north
9. Deep Cut (Soliven’s Romance)
10. Sometimes
11. Backhouse Ballin’ ft. James Reid
12. No Mercy
13. Let’s All Get Along (LAGA)


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