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22-year-old guy tells his personal narrative in his poem ‘Turning Point’

January 19th, 2021

The following #POPCreators entry was submitted by Lloyd Francis Navalta, a 22-year-old guy living in Anda, Pangasinan and a graduate of Pangasinan State University (PSU) last June 2018. He is currently waiting for an opportunity with the Department of Education (DepEd) Submissions under POP! Creator Community appears “as is,” without any editorial intervention.

Here’s the poem created by Navalta entitled “Turning Point”:

When I stepped up and pursued PSU,

I never really know what I am into.

I chose to be a preceptor and go with the flow,

To express myself and make the best I know.

Season by season, challenges exist,

It’s inexorable indeed even how hard I insist.

But certainly bliss is complimented with perdition,

To be part of international project is the optimal discretion.

More than halfway there to finish my degree,

A good news came and perfect reason to be happy.

The institution announced that there’ll be a SEA Teacher Batch 4,

Undoubtedly responded to the thing I never hoped for.

Dauntlessly faced the intricate path to my dream,

Fortunately, I made it and championed my whim.

Bound to far distant land,

Venice of the East a.k.a. Thailand.

The day I dreaded most, there came,

Once in a lifetime experience, can’t be replace of fame.

Upon arriving, hospitality is shown,

Much like our values where Filipinos are known.

Thailand is indeed a paradise in disguise,

With phenomenal landscape that pleases your eyes.

However, my chief goal is academic in nature,

To coat myself with things I need in the future.

First in line, their abode is superbly amazing,

To miss this is possibly the worst thing.

Pattaya, Chocolate Ville, and Minburi to mention some,

Oh, don’t forget the famous Museum of Siam.

I’ve met new people, family and comrade,

Affinity built absolutely won’t fade.

I’ve met one, one whose name means the sky above,

Call her Fah, a woman purely destitute of snob.

One thing I realized in my one month stay,

Teaching is a fatal profession is all I’m going to say.

The key is to master cultural integration,

Exposure to diversity will be your greatest weapon.

This endeavor is of great consideration,

To make proud my family and whole nation.

So far, my college life’s remarkable point,

Thailand escapade in my turning point.

POP! Creator Community/Lloyd Francis Navalta


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