Ba ba ba! McDonald’s is here to start the year on a cute and happy note with The Minions

There’s a chance to get your hands on a rare golden Minion, adding thrill and fun to every Happy Meal purchase!

January 07th, 2021

The pandemic may have hampered last year’s holiday celebrations for kids and the young-at-heart, but fret not because McDonald’s has a new Minions toy collection to start the year on the fun side!

The Minions—the signature small, yellow cylindrical creatures–are beloved by kids and adults worldwide for their child-like nature and humor.  This year, McDonald’s is bringing these mischievous characters back with its newest set of collectibles with the Minions 2 Happy Meal. These much-anticipated toys will come in 15 new designs, making them a great addition to any toy collection! 

However, the fun doesn’t end with just being able to collect all 15 limited edition Minions 2 designs. The real thrill is in getting the rare Golden counterparts, making this collection all the more special. Each Minion toy comes in a mystery ball capsule for that surprise unboxing moment, making the hunt for each design extra thrilling!

And with a random toy hidden in a ball capsule, there’s just no telling which Minion design will be in a Happy Meal. Will it be one of the 15 cute regular designs, or will it be the rare Golden ones? Your guess is as good as ours. If you’re up for the challenge, then start collecting now by heading to the nearest McDonald’s branch!

The Minions 2 Happy Meal is available via Dine-in, Take Out, Drive Thru, and McDelivery. Promo is extended until January 28 so you have more time to collect all designs!


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