POP! Review: Newest kid on the baking block Fahrenheit By Tyler does desserts and pastries right

August 24th, 2020

There are people who save room for dessert, and then there are people who just go for it–meals abridged, because sometimes, the sweet tooth just won’t wait. Sinking one’s teeth into a gloriously satisfying sweet filler, like a good cake, for example, can be anyone’s highlight of the day, and that’s really perfectly fine.  What’s not fine, though, is getting by with a dessert that’s more of a saccharine wreck. We all know this because we’ve all had to eat something like this at some point in our lives: pastries or confections that are sadly just hardcore sugar-overload-on-other-ingredients type of fluff menu pieces whose high sweetness level is only meant to compensate the absence of its actual flavour. You chew this to get it over and done with. It’s a depressing dessert, and there’s no other way to say it.

That is not the dessert that would be the highlight of your day. In this day and age where stressors pile up after another, you don’t want to settle for anything less anymore, especially in the areas of things that can make or break your day.

You just don’t let bad dessert ruin your day–that’s a cardinal life rule. And well, you can thank the food gods, because the newest baking project on the block, Fahrenheit By Tyler has this all figured out– with creations that are unabashedly extra and with just the perfect level of sweetness to allow the other hints of flavours to also blow your mind away.  And with a dozen and growing number of items on their dessert catalogue, not one can be pitched straight to the waste basket. In the words of your nosey barkada, “walang tapon”. That’s an impressive batting average for a business that has only been in operation for 2 months and is managed singularly by a guy in his prime 20s (ouch). More on that in a bit (the operations, we mean).

We went ahead and ordered five of the store’s best-sellers from their dessert menu, initially just to sample and rank products from “it’s good” to “so-awesome-can-we-have-more-of-this”, but that would be moot point because everything was just fire to the tongue. Or ice, depending on your persuasion. So are you, in any way, counting your calories? If yes, then go give yourself an advanced cheat day when you order these because the following kitchen creations are just worth all the calorie intake. Calories, you can always burn off. But the experience of indulging in these tongue-pleasers? Priceless. Your appetite is now your command.

Strawberry Shortcake (Starts at Php599)

Strawberries are the MVP of fruits. They give you everything that’s right in the world–pleasant aroma, rich colour, lovely taste, and visions of sun-drenched summer fields. So their presence on any type of a dessert is a heavenly blessing altogether. You just eat anything that has strawberries, as the Lord has intended for us human beings to do, which could be the reason why this moist Strawberry Shortcake sits on top of our must-order from Fahrenheit By Tyler. There is a noticeable emphasis on the use of the freshest ingredients, strawberries included considering our current state of supply chain is haywire. Were they gathered from far up north? We couldn’t be so sure, but they were fresh as heck. The luscious confluence of vanilla and strawberry flavours bring about a nice, melt-in-your-mouth experience that will be the envy of any other store offering the same thing. It’s the right amount of sweetness and zing in every bite. The only caveat for this menu item is–as with any shortcake–it just has to be consumed in under 24 hours, otherwise you lose parts of the magic of eating it straight from dispatch.

Classic Chocolate Chip, Triple Chocolate, and Red Velvet Cookies (Starts at Php149 for 1 sampler box)

Cookies are just the most comforting kind of all dessert pieces regardless of the situation you’re in right now, and Fahrenheit By Tyler has made sure that that is how their cookie selection will be offered to its patrons. Maybe even more. They had the concept of “quick fix-upper” perfected into each piece, ready for tow away anytime, anywhere the situation calls for it. Had a bad breakup? Bite into their delicious, old-fashioned-but-given-a-modern-twist Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie and just let the chewy soft goodness wash over your heartbreak, because that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Got a promotion? Celebrate that fleeting feeling of corporate success by chomping on their delectable Triple Chocolate Cookies. Yes, feel as rich as this rich gastronomic wonder because you will find yourself not just biting on cookie dough, but also on actual creamy chocolate chunks. CHUNKS. It’s really living up to its name by giving you exactly what you bought. Feeling unsure of everything because you have been excessively doomsurfing on your phone? Allow Fahrenheit By Tyler’s indulgent Red Velvet Cookies to just transport you to a time when we walked freely outside and didn’t give a darn about what we touched. The crowd favourite among all their cookie variants, the Red Velvet Cookies bring the comforting goodness of red velvet dough in bite size pieces. Very fancy, very affordable. Really, it’s the best of both worlds encapsulated in palm-sized discs, so go ahead and pair that with brewed coffee or milk. Or beer, who knows? Nothing is sacred anymore. Go ahead and do what makes you happy. Fun fact: The darker your order of Fahrenheit’ By Tyler’s Red Velvet Cookies (like borderline brown), the better and richer they are.

Wild Berries Cheesecake (Starts at Php1,599)

Where to even begin with this piece? It’s so rich and good, it’s almost criminal. Remember how we said Fahrenheit By Tyler seems to place utmost importance on just using the freshest ingredients possible for their creations (see evidence: Strawberry Shortcake)? That’s exactly how it plays here, except you triple that, because their Mixed Berry Cheesecakes use three kinds of fresh berries. It’s the perfect dessert for just about anyone in the house with an insatiable craving for something delectable, sweet, or creamy. This cake just has many layers of palate experience–there’s the crumble that, in itself, is already the dessert because it’s that good. It holds together the decadent cream cheese batter that just holds your mouth captive on taste. All that capped with a dainty topping that, if captured on photo, will put all Instagram food topshots to shame. Seriously, we tried it. This cake also knows how to work the camera. As with any other cheesecake, because it’s uber rich, you may want to consume this in small servings. Which is good, because then there’d be more to share. Or there’d be more to hoard for yourself for later sneak-snacking.

Basque Burnt Cheesecake (Starts at Php599 )

Admittedly, up until 2020 decided to play with all of us, the Basque Burnt Cheesecake was a dessert concept that was seemingly alien amongst what we presume to be 80 percent of the people. But like what we said, we entered 2020 and suddenly a majority of people online discovered this and went wild with creating it (we kid you not, check Youtube). This is where Fahrenheit has elevated its version to the kind that you, as a consumer, would most likely file under “go-to indulgence”. An order of Fahrenheit’s Basque Burnt Cheesecake may be smaller in size but darn do they pack the punch. You have, as they say, the alter ego to the classic New York style cheesecake. But for Fahrenheit’s version, it’s not just an alter ego they created; they have created an entire cinematic universe around this version of the cheesecake. It’s gone through high heat, it’s been cracked. Heck, it’s been burned. You have a flavour that is richer than the complex storyline of how this dessert was created. It’s almost impossible to pass up on this. You’ll know what we mean by your second order.

Vegan Banana Loaf with Walnuts (Starts at Php249)

Vegan Banana Loaf with Walnuts photo courtesy of Fahrenheit by Tyler

We’d like to thank the almighty cosmic beings for finally giving us the kind banana loaf we need but don’t deserve. Just kidding–we all know we were born to eat this. Fahrenheit’s version of banana loaf is exactly what we mortals need–the kind that people with different degrees of dessert appreciation will value. For one, it’s Vegan, so you can stop being selfish and actually share something delicious and satisfying to people within your circle who just happen to have a different practice in life; you can now eat the same kind of banana loaf. And then there’s the lavish incorporation of walnuts, because Fahrenheit will not scrimp on the good things (thank God for that). And more importantly, as we have reiterated in the beginning, Fahrenheit is not out to blind you with sugar surplus. This banana loaf is just the right amount of sweet. Cut one slice and pair it with coffee and just, for once, enjoy your day.

The Vegan Banana Loaf with Walnuts lasts longer in the fridge so we won’t judge you if you buy two loaves of bread. (Who are we kidding? We know you’ll buy three).

Fahrenheit By Tyler does dessert right

Fahrenheit’s mastermind and main man, 24-year-old Chef Joey Tyler Buan, didn’t set this all up as an afterthought. A graduate of culinary arts at the Angelicum College, Chef Tyler has concocted his own recipes because he recognizes the need to bring good quality pastries to people minus the exorbitant prices (it is possible, after all). As the current pandemic situation has frozen up most job opportunities for fresh culinary graduates like Chef Tyler, he also thought of putting up Fahrenheit as an avenue to still be able to showcase the skills he has learned along the way, while at the same time earning for himself to cover his own everyday expenses. The young chef, who’s also had extensive training at the MIHCA as well as the Manila Peninsula Hotel, did not see the current situation as a setback, but as an opportune time to even better his craft, with his goal to still be able to satisfy his wanderlust by joining a cruising firm.

So what’s in store for Fahrenheit? “The name is actually strategic. I wanted a name that can adjust should I be ready to expand into dining offers or even cooking on demand. Fahrenheit is a metric for measuring temperature. I wanted a name that would not limit me to just creating cookies and pastries alone. It’s a perfect name.”

How to order

Fahrenheit desserts are available for ordering online at https://web.facebook.com/fahrenheitbytyler/ and at https://www.instagram.com/fahrenheitbytyler/. See the full menu below:



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