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Young artist and ‘cancer warrior’ creates original paintings to help out hospitals

August 13th, 2020

Did you know? For every 100,000 Filipinos, 189 will be diagnosed with cancer. According to the Department of Health, cancer remains to be one of the national health priorities in the Philippines due to its implications for families and communities.

We hear inspiring stories filled with hope and faith from individuals fighting cancer, such as in the case of Aedan Pio, a nine-year-old cancer warrior who was diagnosed with Chordoma (a rare type of bone cancer). Due to the community quarantine, there will be a delay in Pio’s scheduled therapy abroad. He admits that he feels a bit bored and stressed sometimes, and he’s always thinking about when the pandemic will end.

To take advantage of his stay-at-home time, Pio thought of a way to help out hospitals by creating original artworks and selling them online. This is his way of paying back those who have helped him during his initial diagnostic procedures all the way back when he was still four years old.

Most of his paintings are outer space-themed because he wants to become an astronomer in the future. In an interview with POP!, Pio said that a lot of his Instagram followers loved his works and he even receives special art requests from them.

This inspired him more to continue to create paintings, of which the generated revenue will help more hospitals.

The young artist feels happy and surprised that he was able to entertain and inspire others even while at home. Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Pio.


Hoping for Pio’s fast and continuous recovery.


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