‘Fire in the Dark’: A poem about the country’s ‘current social predicament’

July 21st, 2020

The following #POPCreators entry was submitted by Philip Emmanuel Peñaflor.

Peñaflor shared his thoughts about feeling “powerless to confront the current social predicament.”

He told POP! that he was inspired to create a poem because of the “seemingly stagnant social situation” where many people lack a better understanding of what’s going on.

Here is his composition entitled Fire in the Dark:

Fire in the Dark

The whip masters unscrupulously feast

on the spoils of thievery and corruption

and drink to depravity as they trample

on the naivety of hapless lesser mortals

believing their dominion is forever;


Duped masses willingly march into hell

thinking they are going up to heaven

unmindful of the scorching lashes

unleashed against their poor spirits and

gladly cheering their own oppression;


Those who weep at the debauchery

of the wicked against the blood of the

innocent have not mustered the courage

to unshackle the chains of injustice

around their necks stifling their breaths.


Isn’t freedom obtained by revolutions?

POP! Creators/ Philip Emmanuel Peñaflor


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