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Zoo in Japan sells ‘animal-produced items’ as an alternative way to make money

June 08th, 2020

North Safari Sapporo is the first face-to-face interaction type of zoo based in Hokkaido, Japan. Since its opening 15 years ago, the zoo has given a unique experience to its visitors and many of them enjoyed the direct contact and feeding to different animals. Even people outside Hokkaido frequent the facility that consists of 500 animal species.

Aside from the live animal interaction, visitors also get to enjoy other activities every year such as “spring baby animal exhibition, summer vacation event, autumn animal sports festival, and winter dog sledding experience.”

However, due to the implementation of social distancing, the facility decided to cease its operations. And if the situation worsens, which means a long period of closure, it could jeopardize not just their business but also the lives of animals there.

In order to help these animals survive in the midst of a pandemic, North Safari Sapporo raised a crowdfunding campaign through the website, CAMPFIRE, which involves the selling of animal-produced products.

Here are the sample products:

Animal paintings and note cards made by monkeys, fur seals, and goats, worth 7,000 JPY (Php 3,100).

Photo credit: Campfire

Original animal handprint painted on Shikishi (card paper) made by Little Otter and Kinkajou (Honey Bear). This is worth 8,000 JPY (Php 3,600).

Photo credit: Campfire

Lion-ripped jeans scratched with their nails and fangs and a ‘Thank You’ card worth 70, 000 JPY (Php 31,000). Sizes vary from small, medium, and large.

Photo credit: Campfire

Aside from these products, you can also purchase a beaver-gnawed coaster, real parrot-feather earrings, and even become the head zookeeper for a day.

The money that will be collected will go directly to the needs of raising animals, medical expenses, and personnel and facility management expenses. For more information, you can check here.

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