Image from: Life Warehouse

This online shop sells stuffed toys that look like they’re done with everything

June 01st, 2020

The past few months have surely been a whirlwind, to say the least.

Social distancing protocols notwithstanding, we could all use a hug right now—even if it means hugging just a stuffed animal. Now that we are almost halfway through 2020, even plushies are totally done with everything. (And who can blame them, right?)

A Malaysian warehouse started making plushies that seem more than a little appropriate for this day and age, with the cute cuddly animals featuring facial expressions that show exactly how they’re feeling about the world right now.

Image from: Life Warehouse

It might be a good idea to put some of these stuffed animals as guards next to the cookie jar, so we’d have to face those judgmental eyes as we plunder the stash in the middle of the night.

Image from: Life Warehouse

The “Life is Hard” animal cushions of a fox and toucan can be ordered through their website for only RM72 (Php840).


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