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‘Friends: The Official Cookbook’ features iconic recipes that will surely delight fans

May 22nd, 2020

Last month, ‘Friends’ announced a special promo where winners can be the “personal guests” in the sitcom’s reunion special. While the project filming is put on hold due to the pandemic, an author of a FRIENDS-inspired cookbook paid homage to the iconic show that will surely thrill fans.

Written by Amanda Yee, Friends: The Official Cookbook will feature iconic recipes in “beautiful full-color photography”. It is expected to be released this September 22, which is the same date as ‘Friends’ 26th anniversary. 

According to the book’s description, fans can now copy the full recipe of Chandler’s “Milk You Can Chew,” “Just for Joey” fries, Monica’s “Friendsgiving Feast”, Phoebe’s “Grandmother’s Cookies” and last but not least, Rachel’s Trifle mixed with meat, ladyfingers, and beef meat.

Fans know that “Joey doesn’t share food!” but in this book, sandwich lovers will finally get their fair share of meatball sub recipe that Joey ate in Gary’s car (Phoebe’s boyfriend in Friends’ 5th season).

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There are more than 50 recipes of Friends-inspired appetizers, main courses, dessert, and drinks you can read in the cookbook. It is published by Insight Editions worth £20.84 (Php 1,200).

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Pre-order is available via the Amazon website. For more information, click here.

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