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Photographer takes imaginative ‘sunset selfies’ using cardboard silhouettes

May 19th, 2020

Aspiring photographers know that the keys to capturing the perfect shot are the following: good lighting, essential props, and an interesting subject. With these factors in mind, these individuals take time and effort to study their subject, create props, and identify the best time to take the image. When done right, this can result to a series of stellar photographs–some even worthy of a museum exhibit.

And one series of photos we think should gain more recognition is artist John Marshall‘s ‘Sunset Selfies.’ 

On his social media pages, Marshall shares multiple photos he’s taken using his custom-made cardboard silhouettes and the sunset as his backdrop. The result is an array of stellar photographs that each tell a unique story.

A side-by-side of John Marshall’s behind-the-scenes image and his final photo. Photo Credit:

Here are a few samples of his work:

In an interview with the Insider, the artist said that though these images may be tedious to do–since he often takes it all himself with the use of a self-timer–Marshall is very happy to do them, saying that they are very “visually pleasing.”

Moreover, he hopes these images can help uplift spirits during this global health crisis. He told the news outlet, “People during this time are looking for something lighter. Everything is just so heavy lately. I try to keep positive and upbeat and fun – just a little moment of something lighter in your day is something we could all use right now.”
To see more of John Marshall’s Sunset Selfies, you may visit or

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