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Indonesia-based company makes ‘dream weddings’ come true with ‘green screens’

May 19th, 2020

Regardless of the date, everyone knows that a wedding requires a lot of preparation. However, with the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, planning a wedding can become a major challenge for couples during these times. That is why a few days ago, a couple from Indonesia thought of a very creative way on how couples can tie the knot amidst the ongoing health crisis.

Through the event management company, GM Production, offer virtual wedding services to affianced couples using a ‘green screen’. The chroma effect is used as a fancy backdrop for the wedding so the couple can still celebrate their nuptials in a “scenic location”. Their guests can, likewise, join the ceremony by watching it through video call.

Photo credit: Production

Photo credit: Production

In the video posted on Youtube, the wedding ceremony was attended by the couple’s parents, a religious official, and members of the production team to manage the entire setup. Moreover, the number of virtual guests allowed to watch the ceremony can reach up to 1,000, when using the company’s personalized live-streaming platform.


The company also handles the delivery of food packages and souvenirs to the guests and sponsors. For those attendees who want to send cash, they may do so through the bank account number shown during the live stream.

Photo credit: Production

Photo credit: Production

If you and your partner are interested in setting up a virtual marriage, you may send your request through their online portal here. Take note though, this is available for couples living in Indonesia only.

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