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Dermatology resident shares her poem ‘A Bid For Time’

April 05th, 2020

This POP! Creators entry was submitted by Angela Sison-Galigao, a 3rd-year dermatology resident at the Southern Philippines Medical Center. Her poem is entitled A Bid For Time, check it out:

A Bid For Time

A sharp wedge through her heart, he’s been
A temporary balm, a brief respite, a momentary remedy,
But she keeps him there nonetheless,
The spectre of a man that is extant only in memory,
Just a while longer, to stop her from bleeding, she says.

A ruse she’s convinced herself to believe,
A foolish girl she may be,
For a slow death is what she’s trading for nothing but a short relief,
But who can blame her really.

Know this, and know it well.
Her heart is no stranger to pain any longer,
For at night, they come in waves,
Sometimes small, but often larger.

He has worn out his welcome,
She knows he can’t really stay.
Her patience for him used to be a well,
one that ran deep and never dried even for a day,

Time, it’s what she’s really bidding,
Until that glorious day will come
For her heart’s true and complete healing,
by one whose words will resonate in her forever: “My child, it is done.”

POP! Creators/ Angela Sison-Galigao


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