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Six-year-old girl writes heartwarming letter to healthcare workers and frontliners

April 05th, 2020

This POP! Kids contribution was sent in by Winnie Cabaccan. She wanted to share her six-year-old daughter Jowie Lica Q. Cabaccan‘s handwritten letter to doctors and nurses amidst this COVID-19 health crisis.

“I am sending my little girl’s letter to our weary warriors in this COVID-19 battle. [I] Hope they could take comfort in this. [And I] Hope you could share this letter so it could lift their spirits and bring a smile to their faces,” Winnie Cabaccan shares to POP!

Here’s her child’s heartwarming letter to the country’s everyday heroes:

Here is the handwritten letter of Jowie Lica Q. Cabaccan. Photo Credit: Winnie Cabaccan/ POP! Kids

The letter reads: 

From: Jowie Lica Q. Cabaccan

Age: 6

Date: March 31, 2020, Tuesday

To all doctors and nurses, I like how you treated the COVID-19 patients. Now you are tired but you are still taking care of them. So why don’t I take care of you now so you have courage to take care of the patients again. For all the doctors that died this is a reminder to always still look after us and pray for us here on earth. Thank you good luck to all of you.

Here is a photo of six-year-old Jowie Lica Q. Cabaccan in her Girl Scouts uniform. Photo Credit: Winnie Cabaccan/ POP! Kids

POP! Kids/ Jowie Lica Q. Cabaccan/ Winnie Cabaccan


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