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Chinese professor transforms himself to different avatars when teaching online

March 18th, 2020

As the COVID-19 cases continue to surge in different parts of the world, teachers are slowly switching to online classes so students can still keep up with their lessons. And to make students excited about attending virtual lessons, a digital art professor at Shanghai University’s Fine Arts College decided to transform himself into different avatars.

According to the Paper, the idea started when he noticed that no one really watched his recorded online courses when the new coronavirus (COVID-19) struck China. Since he specializes in augmented reality, Jiang Fei used a binocular camera combined with software to create his own archetypes ranging from monsters and robots to models.

via The Paper

But right now, the students’ most favorite avatar is the anime schoolgirl.

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Speaking to The Paper, Jiang Fei pointed out that conducting online courses live is as difficult as being in school physically.

“I feel like being online for an hour, equivalent to two hours offline, and it is really multiplying,” said Fei.

With this gimmick, the digital art professor hopes that lessons will be more fun and exciting for students at home.


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