Infant’s unimpressed facial expression perfectly reflects our Monday blues

February 24th, 2020

After a weekend of sleeping in, we now have to get up early and deal with our Monday blues. And if there’s one picture that accurately sums up how we feel about it, it’s baby Isabela Pereira de Jesus’s initial reaction to being born.

In this series of photos, which was perfectly snapped by a professional photographer named Rodrigo Kuntsmann, you can see the infant’s scowling face—glaring at the nurse who had been attempting to make her cry.

Image from: Rodrigo Kuntsmann

In an interview with Brazilian magazine Crescer, the family’s hired photographer shared that baby de Jesus immediately made a “disapproving face” upon seeing her surroundings.

“She opened her eyes wide and didn’t cry, she made a ‘sulky’ face, her mother gave a kiss and it was only after they cut the umbilical cord that she started to cry,” explained Kuntsmann.

Image from: Rodrigo Kuntsmann

Although her parents—Daiane de Jesus Barbosa and  Renato Pereira da Rocha—didn’t witness their daughter’s memeable reaction, they are still happy that their photographer was able to capture these priceless moments.

Speaking with G1, a Rio de Janeiro-based news outlet, Barbosa said that her little one often wrinkles her forehead even when changing her diapers.

“My baby was born courageous. It’s a meme already. She always wrinkles her forehead when changing diapers and nursing. Isabela was supposed to be born on the 20th, but she chose her day already showing her personality,” said Barbosa.

As of this writing, baby de Jesus’s picture (which was reshared by a Facebook user) now has 39,000 likes, 6,000 comments, and 72,000 shares.


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