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Firefighters rescue cat with head stuck in tire

February 10th, 2020

A cat whose head got stuck in the rim of a tire was freed with help from firefighters on Feb. 2.

Officers from the Riverside County Fire Department found out about the cat after receiving a rescue call in Moreno Valley, United States. The department released a statement regarding the incident on Twitter last Thursday, Feb. 6.


When authorities arrived at the scene, they immediately tried to release the cat from the tire. The officers failed to free the animal right away, which prompted them to bring the wheel and the animal to their fire station.

Upon arriving at the station, firefighters decided that they needed to use a reciprocating saw to free the cat. Moments after, the officers successfully cut the tire’s rim and were able to remove the animal.

Following the cat’s rescue, it was brought to a local animal shelter, UPI reported on the same day. The cat will be put up for adoption. JB


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