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Taxi company bans employees from licking fingers when counting money

November 27th, 2019

People who have to moisten their fingertips whenever they turn pages of documents or count bills may find a problem getting hired by a company in Japan which will no longer tolerate this mannerism.

Sanwa Kotsu, a Yokohama-based taxi company, said it will no longer allow its employees’ saliva to have any contact with any document or currency, as per the company’s memo.

The company posted a copy of the letter it sent to its employees via Twitter last Friday, Nov. 22.

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“From this point forward, the following actions are prohibited when handling any documents or papers,” the memo stated, as per Sora News 24 today, Nov. 27.

“The application to the fingertips of transparent liquids secreted by the salivary glands, oral [multiparous] glands, or elsewhere in the oral cavity to the fingertips prior to the repagination of paper documents or currency,” the company said.


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— サンワさん@三和交通 (@sanwa_taxi) November 22, 2019

This means that their drivers can no longer lick their fingers when counting customers’ change, before handing the change to these customers; or that office workers could no longer moisten their fingers the same way when they are handling important company documents.

Sanwa Kotsu is known for Tokyo-area cab rides with a few quirky gimmicks, like deploying taxi drivers in ninja costumes, among others. Despite the company’s fun side, it is very serious when it comes to maintaining proper hygiene and decorum in the workplace.

The memo appears to be a preventive caution. As per report, Sanwa Kotsu has not yet received a complaint regarding the behavior it is banning prior to the issuance of the memo. JB


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