Image: Screengrab via YouTube/One Dollar Hotel

This Japanese hotel room costs $1—in exchange for being on video during your whole stay

November 22nd, 2019

When something seems too good to be true, it might be best to trust your gut.

Take one hotel in Japan that offers a room for just ¥130 ($1.3 or P60). Seems like a good deal, considering the sky-high hotel rates and standard of living in that country.

There is just one condition: Your entire stay will be live-streamed on the room’s YouTube channel One Dollar Hotel.

Business Ryokan Asahi in Fukuoka City offers its Room 8 at a low price because it is the least-booked room, SoraNews24 reported on Nov. 13. It hopes to generate more interest and income with live videos of its guests.

The owner, Inoue Tetsuya, explained in a promotional video on Nov. 14 that he hoped to raise revenue with advertising rather than accommodation fees.

The video is streamed from the web camera of a laptop, which has a view of the whole room. Being on video comes with some rules, such as no nudity or lewd acts. There is no audio, so conversations can stay private.

one dollar hotel

Image: Screengrab via YouTube/One Dollar Hotel

one dollar hotel

Image: Screengrab via YouTube/One Dollar Hotel

The 60-peso room features tatami reed flooring and has a futon sleeping mat, low table, TV and kettle, the news site reported.

Heating and air conditioning can cost you more than the room because these services are coin-operated, costing 100 yen for two hours. The hotel has a communal bathroom where guests can wash and change clothes.

In the videos posted on the channel, not much happens, given that travelers are out most of the day.

Room 8, anyone?  /ra


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