"Gingerbread gender neutral person" sold in The Tanner cafe in New Zealand. Image: Facebook/The Tannery

Goodbye, gingerbread man! Hello, ‘gingerbread gender-neutral person’

November 13th, 2019

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, a coffee shop in New Zealand decided to upgrade its pastry selection to match the yuletide season, but with a twist.

The Tannery, which sells the popular human-shaped biscuits, has opted to sell the treats with a new name, as “gingerbread gender neutral person(s).”

The cafe posted a photo of their cookie jar on their Facebook page on Nov. 5 with a fitting statement that goes “A little something for everyone.”

A little something for everyone 😉 #bestoutwest #thetannerycafe #thetannerynz #relaxalittle

Posted by The Tannery on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The cafe’s owner, Andre Cettina, said the change was inspired by a customer who questioned why the cookies were called “gingerbread men” and not “gingerbread people,” as per Stuff’s report on Nov. 8.

“[I]t’s become a really good conversation piece in the cafe,” he claimed.

Cettina also said costumers were taking photos of the jar and sharing them on social media since it was placed on the front counter. As per report, the label change got mixed reviews.

“We’ve had a lot of people commenting saying ‘stop being so pedantic, it’s just a biscuit,'” Cettina was quoted as saying. “I had to reply to them going, ‘Did you miss the whole point?'”

Some positive feedback also came from other costumers who found humor in the change of name.

“It used to be that 90 percent of the time we sold [the biscuits], it was to kids,” Cettina added. “There’s a lot more people buying them now, which is quite funny.” JB


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