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This toilet company in Japan sells miniature, edible toilets

October 09th, 2019

When Forrest Gump’s momma said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get,” Japan took it literally and made sure that their chocolate products don’t just come in pleasing packages but also in unique forms and shapes. And because of this growing obsession with the “food of the gods,” these chocolates can now easily be found and purchased anywhere—whether you are in the suburbs or at train stations in Japan.

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Despite a massive variety of sweet treats found in the country, its citizens have never stopped making chocolate products—further proving the Japanese’s sweet tooth. And speaking of which, TOTO (the world’s largest toilet manufacturer), is now selling miniature, edible toilets made with the milk-flavored confection.

YES, the toilet company known for its Washlet and other derivative products is now selling chocolates! / via GIPHY

The Kitakyushu-based company has always been known for its world-class toilet facilities. As a matter of fact, SoraNews24 awarded them as the “Toilet We Most Want to Drop a Load in” for its ultra-luxurious toilet that costs US$11,000 and produces a “360-degree tornado flush,” in 2018.

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But still, it came as a surprise when the toilet company released its edible product named Toilette Chocolat, which debuted in February. It was the ‘sweet’ idea of a local chocolatier Gran da Zur and is available at TOTO Museum and at some Kitakyushu souvenir shops. SoraNews24 also mentioned that chocolate lovers can get five chocolates inside a toilet-shaped box for only 756 yen (PHP365).

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Now the question is, how do these tiny toilets taste like?

To resemble an actual toilet bowl—which usually comes in porcelain white—the Toilette Chocolat is made of white chocolate. When it comes to flavor, you’ll never be disappointed as TOTO and Gran da Zur did their best to achieve that quality white chocolate taste–complete with a rich, soft, and creamy texture.

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With its delectable taste and bizarre appearance, locals and tourists will surely go “potty” about these toilet-shaped chocolates!


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