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Here’s a look back at the most relatable ‘hugot’ lines from ‘Cuddle Weather’

September 28th, 2019

Warning: May contain spoiler from the film

Cuddle Weather is a story about two sex workers, Adela (Sue Ramirez) and Ram (RK Bagatsing), who are both trying to cope with their own personal struggles. Adela is already a “veteran” in this kind of business. She uses different aliases and personalities when dealing with her customers. Ram, on the other hand, is a “promdi (from the province)”, who is supposed to be a seafarer but an agency deceives him. This mishap has led him to enter the world of commercial sex.

The movie illustrates how the main characters survive the business of selling their own flesh while trying their best to start a brand new life. Although its most dominant themes revolve around sex and romance, there are “hugot” lines (sentiments) that most audience can totally relate to.

“Hindi naman tayo masamang tao, eh. Iba lang ang trabaho natin.”

When Ram was left with no choice after his unfortunate seafarer career, he decided to enter the world of prostitution to support his family’s financial needs. In reality, we will have to make tough choices but we shouldn’t let those “life-changing decisions” define who we are.

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“Wala nang lulungkot pa sa taong nawalan na ng libog sa buhay”

This is probably the most remarkable line of Adela from the movie, wherein she started feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders. Because of her everyday struggle as a sex worker, the protagonist felt like she was losing track of her life. But it’s not the end for Adela, these adversities even helped her to be a changed person.

Every choice we do in life—whether big or small—will add up to the quality of life that we will have in the future.

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“Hindi ko naman kailangan ng lalaki para makatakas dito.” 

In the story, there are people who questioned Adela’s decision when she decided to leave her current job. This quote implies how independent Adela is and that she doesn’t need men to save her from this unusual activity by believing that everything in life has a “deadline”.

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“Gusto ko nang tumigil. Gusto ko nang huminto”

This line from Adela exemplifies that everyone, regardless of social status, has the right to start all over again. She managed to change her name legally as part of her journey to a brand new life. The story addresses how moving toward your goal will make you the happiest, especially when it emotionally fits you.

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Cuddle Weather was written and directed by Rod Marmol, and an official entry to the 2019 Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP).

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