‘Xerox’ is not a verb, according to the famous Japanese company

September 20th, 2019

A copy machine remains to be a piece of essential equipment for universities and offices. However,  paper jams, wrinkled pages, and illegible copies are some of the inevitable problems and issues that these kinds of machines encounter.

Last September 19, the Philippine Daily Inquirer published in their classifieds section an announcement from the global corporation, Xerox. According to the published ad, “Xerox is a registered trademark protected by law,” which means it should not be used without the approval from the company or trademark holder.

Photo credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Most people have been guilty of using the company’s name improperly, even the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary defined xerox as “to copy (something, such as a document) by using a special machine (called a copier).”  Through this public post, the Tokyo-based company made it clear that “Xerox” is neither a verb nor a common noun used for replacing the word ‘copy’ or ‘photocopy’.

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