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Look like a princess on your wedding day with these Disney-inspired gowns

June 06th, 2019

Aside from the weeksary, the monthsary, and the anniversary, a couple’s wedding day is quite possibly the most memorable day of their lives. It’s the one-of-a-kind occasion that unites two people in love, in the presence of their families and friends. So, it’s not surprising that many couples choose to spend tons of money on this special event.

From choosing the venue and invitations to selecting a caterer for the reception, celebrating you and your partner’s union can incur a lot of expenses. And one of the priciest items is the wedding gown.

Every woman has a dream wedding gown. Whether it’d be simple and conservative or classic and sexy, every girl has the right to feel beautiful on her special day.

Luckily, girls who want to look and feel like a princess can finally walk down the aisle in a Disney-inspired gown.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/ Kuraudia

Thanks to the Japanese fashion company Kuraudia, girls who grew up loving these characters can now embody the style and persona of their favorite princesses on their wedding day. Check out their Disney Wedding collection:

Surprise your Prince Charming before midnight with this Cinderella-inspired gown.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/Kuraudia

Turn into the ‘Belle’ of the ball on your wedding day with this stunning yellow dress.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/Kuraudia

No poison apple can spoil your wedding day with this fairytale-esque gown.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/Kuraudia

You and your husband-to-be can surely follow a new dream in this Tangled-themed dress.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/Kuraudia

You don’t need 3 magical fairies to capture Princess Aurora’s classic style.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/Kuraudia

Finally, get ready to explore a whole new world with your true love in this Jasmine-inspired dress.

Photo Credit: Disney-Weddingdress.com

You can check out their full collection here. /FM

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