Weird jobs in the world that you probably haven’t heard about yet

May 01st, 2019

“So, what do you want to be when you grow up?” When we were kids, our elders would often ask us this question repeatedly—be it at reunions, family dinners, or school programs. And surely, some of us had dreamed about becoming an astronaut, a Disney princess, and a professional chocolate taster (in spite of the cynics who say this profession doesn’t exist).


But unknown to many, there are more bizarre jobs around the world that actually exist…and pay really well.

Here are some of those offbeat occupations:

Egg-sperienced chicken sexers

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Once the chicken eggs start hatching, commercial hatcheries will need the help of chicken sexers to determine the creatures’ genders. To be successful in this field, aspiring chicken sexers must perfect the art of chicken sexing first—and that is by gently squeezing the chick’s abdomen just to see where the feces comes out.

Waterslide testers

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Being a waterslide tester is (literally) one of the coolest jobs in the world! A waterslide tester visits resorts to ensure that the water rides are fun, exciting, and most importantly, safe for everyone. However, you can’t just walk in the door, look for the supervisor, and apply for the job. Because in order to qualify for the position, one must also have a high level of observation skill, an adventurous attitude, and a healthy body.

Paint drying watchers

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Although getting paid just by watching paint dry may sound like a shady deal for you, there are actually companies that hire people to observe the changing colors of paints and how long it takes for them to dry.

Professional train pushers

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It is a well-known fact that punctuality is of paramount importance in Japanese culture. And for everyone to get to work on time, the presence of a railway station attendant (oshiya) is needed. During rush hours, an oshiya will push the passengers into the subway carriage—no matter how packed it is.

Professional sleepers

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If you’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning then this job is the right one for you! In countries like Finland, there is a hotel that requires a “professional sleeper” to spend 35 days at the hotel, test the beds and mattresses in each room and review if the stay is a satisfactory one.

Netflix tagger

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So the most important question is: Is there a job in the world where you can just “Netflix and Chill?” The answer is yes. If you love watching any types of series and movies then you might be interested in working for the company. Before they release the content to the public, they will hire someone to watch of all their newest content. Once done, the viewer will then review each title then assign a correct tag to it.

Potato chip inspectors

via Wikipedia

If there’s a chocolate taster, then there is also a potato chips inspector. Usually, the inspector checks if there are burned chips or any foreign objects in the product before they proceed to the packaging section.

Rental boyfriend

Finding a boyfriend that will match your standards is difficult—unless you’re living in countries like Japan and China. The “Boyfriend Rental” in Japan offers the experience of having a significant other. Although some of them are hired to be someone’s boyfriend for a day, they don’t actually offer extra services like kissing and making love.


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