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5 Must-watch movies that can restore and reignite your faith

April 18th, 2019

With corruption and crime running rampant in our country, it’s easy for many of us to start viewing the world in a negative light. We tend to lose hope that things can get better and that there is a higher Being watching over us. But in this Lenten season, let us remember our faith and learn to trust in the power of God to help us get through these difficult situations.

In line with this, we’ve gathered 5 must-watch films that might be able to restore and reignite your faith this Holy Week.

Check them out:

Heaven is for Real 

Based on the bestselling novel, “Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back” by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent, the film explores the story of a family as they try to understand their son’s experience seeing Heaven after a near-death experience.

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It’s a movie that will make you believe in the reality of the afterlife and what the power of prayer can do to save a life.

Watch it here.

God’s Not Dead

College student Josh challenges his professor’s belief that “God is dead.” Throughout the film, Josh goes through  a series of research and activities to prove to his classmates and his professor that God exists in our everyday lives.

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It’s a story that is relatable to many Catholics nowadays, who sometimes have trouble seeing God’s blessings in their day-to-day activities.

Watch it here.

The Shack

During a camping trip with his family, Mack Phillips discovers his daughter, Missy, is missing. Soon after,  he is informed by the police of Missy’s death. Heartbroken and lost, Mack begins to lose hope. But when God invites him to a place called “The Shack,” he begins to understand the reasons behind the events in his life.

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This movie will not only move you to tears but it will also remind you of the Lord’s infinite love for you.

Watch it here.

Prince of Egypt

Prince of Egypt follows the story of Moses—from the time he was adopted by the Pharaoh’s family to the moment he crossed the Red Sea with the Hebrews. It’s a biblical story adapted into a moving animated film that is sure to captivate your heart and remind you of God’s plan for you.

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Watch it here

The Passion of the Christ

This film follows the last few hours of Jesus Christ before His Crucifixion.

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It’s a movie that will make you see and understand the sacrifices Jesus went through to save us.

Watch it here.


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