‘GoT’ fan crowned as ‘Queen of Queens’ for finding the last Iron Throne

April 01st, 2019

In the past few weeks, ‘Game of Thrones’ (GoT) fans headed to the different parts of the world to engage in the scavenger hunt for the hidden Iron Thrones. This international “game” challenged fans to search every area in their cities to find the six Iron Throne replicas.  Since last month, five out of the six thrones were already found – this includes the Throne of the North (Sweden), Throne of the Forest (United Kingdom), Throne of Valyria (Brazil), Throne of Joy (Spain), and the Throne of Ice (British Columbia).

As soon as the Throne of Ice was found, HBO released a teaser video for finding the last throne, the Throne of the Crypt. The last artifact of the scavenger hunt was found in an “old military compound-cum-public park in deep Queens, Fort Totten, New York” by Melanie Joaquín.

The Queen of Queens. #ForTheThrone#ThroneoftheCrypt https://t.co/MTUv2T96gR pic.twitter.com/urUlz5IrfP

— Game of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) March 28, 2019

According to Vice, ten minutes after the HBO published the video, Joaquin already tracked down the last throne. But in order to get the chance to sit on the iconic seat of power, Joaquin said she crawled into a hole in the fence and ran through a tunnel that leads to the chair.

With this, Joaquin was dubbed as the “Queen of Queens” for being the first one to find the last hidden throne. However, the official Game of Thrones account posted on Twitter that visiting the Throne of the Crypt is now closed due to the high volume of fans waiting in line.

News from the Citadel.
Due to a very high turnout at Fort Totten this morning, the line for the #ThroneoftheCrypt is now closed. To ensure everyone in line makes it to the Throne safely, we cannot admit any more people today.

— Game of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) March 31, 2019

Nice line already #ForTheThrone #ThroneoftheCrypt pic.twitter.com/FjGNEuhLnD

— Kevin (@KevinCaptiva) March 30, 2019

Before the show comes to an end, what are your thoughts about the #ForTheThrone quest? Tell us in the comments below!

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