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Transwoman gets encouragement from ‘Father President’ for wearing female clothing on graduation

March 21st, 2019
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For years, the LGBT community has been facing various issues regarding their sexual orientation–they were mocked, ostracized and worse, discriminated by society. But, supporters of the “queer culture” continue to educate people about the concept of homosexual identity.

Recently, an inspiring story about a transwoman named Roman Giuseppe “Emma” Bueno has been making the rounds online. Last March 19, Bueno posted on Twitter her sentiment when one of her teachers questioned the clothes that she will be wearing for their school graduation and baccalaureate mass.

As a transwoman, her advocacy is “to bring the struggle beyond identity politics, be more intersectional and able to surface narratives of transwomen everywhere no matter their economic class.”

Photo credit: @Emmabueno_

Driven with courage and confidence, she then decided to send a personal letter to the university’s Father President to make an appeal about her concerns.

Photo credit: @Emmabueno_

Despite the church’s position on homosexuality, the response of the Father President really impressed online users.

One of my transphobic/homophobic teacher called the attention of the graduation committee questioning my way of wearing female clothes for the baccalaureate mass and graduation day. So I wrote a letter personally to the Father President and his response made me emotional 😭❤️

— Emma 🏳️‍🌈 (@Emmabueno_) March 19, 2019

Bueno also told InqPOP! that before her transition, she couldn’t help but feel anxious about it because of all the discriminations she received. But now that she’s a transwoman, it has helped her overcome her fears.

Photo credit: Bueno

Aside from building up self-confidence, she has also gained recognition and praises from people around her.

Photo credit: Bueno

Here are some of the netizens uplifting comments:


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