This multicolored set of crayons is redefining cultural diversity

March 06th, 2019

Over a hundred years, Crayola has grown to provide personal development and fun for its consumers. And as they continue to work on becoming a better company with the help of their partners, Crayola states in their website that they will build a strategy around the three key tenets of responsibility — “ensuring the best product safety & quality, being a good corporate citizen, and implementing strong environmental practices.”

One of the crayon brand’s newest works are these Multicultural Crayons which were designed to represent skin tones from the different ethnicities around the globe. This includes shades like apricot, black, burnt sienna, mahogany, peach, sepia, tan, and white.

Photo Credit: Crayola

The reason why the brand came up with this new line of crayons is to bring more diversity into the youth’s different art projects. As they explained in their website, “ because it’s a great big world out there, kids can use these multicultural crayons to create more inclusive drawings.”

With these kinds of coloring tools readily available, kids (and kids-at-heart) can finally color in their drawings using crayons that showcase their skin tone. 


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Since this news was released, online users quickly took to Twitter to express their thoughts: 

Oh my god so I recently told @jennyhagel that when I was a kid I used to shade myself in as light grey bc I never knew what color to use for my skin & she said her son had these cool new crayons for all skin tones & anyway here I am at 9am tearing up at work!!!! ❤️💛 pic.twitter.com/aEiWnKuVYD

— Karen Chee (@karencheee) February 25, 2019

Bravo @Crayola for this "Multicultural Crayon & Marker Set" Thank you pic.twitter.com/dH12GRq1dT

— C:hristina 👩🏽‍💻 (@divinetechygirl) July 30, 2016

Multicultural crayons. It's the new age. #loveit pic.twitter.com/03V0GnzKQq

— Brittney Doperalski (@BrittneyDoperal) April 24, 2013

By simply using these multicultural crayons, anyone can define and foresee diversity, inclusion, and equality among the races. Thanks to Crayola’s diversified colors! /FM


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