Man shares how he unknowingly ate his childhood pet for dinner

March 06th, 2019
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Owning pets isn’t just limited to taking full responsibility for them. When our love and affection for our pets develop, we tend to take them more seriously as if they were a part of the family. And because we treat them as our best friends, we share with them everything that is happening at the moment. 

Sadly, for this man, his time with his favorite pet chicken was cut short. William Lin shared his sorrowful story about the disappearance of his pet chicken on a Facebook group, Subtle Asian Traits after a man shared how his family ate a bunch of chicks he raised. 

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Six-year-old Lin and his unfortunately-named pet chicken, Pe nis, were close. He also mentioned that they used to play and walk together every day.

“I too raised a chick in China, who would become my favourite pet, named 鸡鸡 (yes I know what that means now, I was six years old okay I didn’t know). Anyways I would play with 鸡鸡 every day, taking him out for walks and whatnot.”

(鸡 means chicken. 鸡鸡, pronounced ji ji, is a euphemism for penis.)

via Subtle Asian Traits

One day Lin came home from school and took notice of Pe nis’ absence. He even questioned his parents about the chicken’s whereabouts. But, they just told him that it was just taking a nap. 

His family then had chicken soup for dinner (oddly enough this was his favorite while growing up). After having their meal, he asked his parents again if the chicken had already woken up. They told him that Pe nis wasn’t really feeling well and there was a chance that he wouldn’t wake up…forever.

It sounded like the parents wanted to give Lin some time before telling him the truth. However, Lin’s grandparents were very straightforward about his pet’s “sudden” death.

“My grandparents pulled me over to the side and told me the truth. I ended up crying for five days because I had not only lost my pet/friend, I f**king ATE him. And people wonder why I have trust issues.”

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Just like the rest of us, Lin was utterly devastated by the incident that it even left him with trust issues. 


Although this may sound like a heart-wrenching story, netizens claimed that this kind of “incident” is actually very common in Asian communities. 

“Lol. I ate my pet duck when I was little though it’s pretty much the same story,” a Facebook user shared.

“This happened with my pet turtle… when my mom didn’t want to take care of my turtle Bubbles anymore, she gave him to her best friend (also Asian). She said that her friend would give Bubbles a good home, but what ended up happening was that Bubbles got made into turtle soup,” another added.

And one guy recounted that he used to have a pet goat, “I also had a pet goat growing up, then it ‘ran away from home’, and then my family had goat curry for dinner.”/TV

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