LOOK: Indonesian girl creates online reviews for soap by tasting them

February 20th, 2019

It’s pretty hard to admit that some of us have weird taste buds and strange cravings – especially for women who are on their monthly period or worse – pregnant.

Though, let’s be honest – there are just some food items that our peers may not like, but for us, is absolutely mouthwatering!

In this case, an Indonesian girl named Khosik Assyifa has a blatantly bizarre set of taste buds. Because she’s not trying different variants of food, she’s taste-tasting various bars of soap!


Assyifa went viral for posting a series of  Instagram video reviews on different brands of soap. According to Rachfeed.com, she started to like its taste when she was pregnant 2 years ago. She was taking a bath when she accidentally tasted her soap bar.  She then started to lick the bathing product due to its fruity taste.

Initially, not everyone agreed with her habit of licking soap. For one, admitting to her husband about her weird cravings was really an embarrassment. Despite this, she still can’t help but crave its taste.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/Khoshik Assyifa

In her video reviews, Assyifa rubs the soap until it gets foamy and then after that, she will start to lick them.

She stated that this particular soap brand was really tasty. And recently, she gave another product review of a highly-recommended soap variant. This video gathered almost 376,000 views from Instagram viewers.

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Hayoooo siapa kemaren yang request sabun GIV???? Ini mulut orang yang kerjaan nyinyir harus di sabun sampai berbusa….

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According to Assyifa, tasting all those bars of soap didn’t really affect her health and her baby when it was still inside her womb./FM

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