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From eating cookies to staying fit, Cookie Monster answers your questions on Reddit

February 19th, 2019
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Cookie Monster has got to be one of the most recognizable and loveable characters in the children’s show Sesame Street—as he is known for his insatiable appetite and cute one-liners like “C is for Cookie” and “Me love cookies!”

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In support of the Yellow Feather Fund—a nonprofit organization that aims to bring laughter and learning to kids and families in need around the world—Cookie Monster held a mini segment on Omaze.  And to encourage more people to join in this good cause, he also posted an announcement on one of Reddit’s subcommunities called R/IAmA. 

Me COOKIE MONSTER. Me want you to come visit me on Sesame Street! Me will bring da COOKIES! AMA. from IAmA

And the questions are too cute and wholesome for this sick, sad world. 

“How big is your cookie collection?”

“Is there anything you won’t eat? I mean, I’ve seen you eat a typewriter before…”

“What’s the best way to get crumbs out of your fur?”

“Hi Cookie, besides the classic “‘C’ is for Cookie” which we all know and love, what would you say is your favourite song from your time on Sesame Street?”

He also gave a piece of good advice to those who want to start selling cookies. 

“My 7-year-old daughter is about to start selling cookies for Girl Scouts. Do you have any advice for her?”

And when asked who he wanted to sing “C is for Cookie” with? 

Because he is literally a “monster!”

Aside from cookies, a Redditor also wondered what is Cookie Monster’s “second favorite food.”

“We know cookies are your favorite food. What is your second favorite food?”

He also left a message for one of his biggest fans in the world. 

And a bit of advice to those who can’t help but indulge in desserts.

“How do you stay so fit after eating all of those cookies?”

Netizens agreed that Cookie Monster should post regularly on Reddit. One even said that this “Ask Me Anything” subcommunity just made all the terrible things in the real world a little more tolerable.

So, thanks Cookie Monster!

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