Independent Rock Band Createurs will be Launching its debut album

February 08th, 2019
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Independent rock band Createurs will be launching its debut album We Exist through an official album launch at saGuijo Café + Bar in Makati City this coming February 9, 2019.

Createurs, whose name was derived from the French word for “creator”, is a collaborative band that gathers talented individuals from the underground scene to produce music and art. Each song in this 12-track collaborative album represents a classic horror story creature— from ghosts, clowns, and even the infamous Dr. Frankenstein— to serve as a metaphor about life issues. But more than an album name, We Exist is the band’s statement to serve as a reminder that there are “creatures” of art and music in the underground scene who are waiting for their “existence” to be appreciated and heard by us.

Supporting this album launch with their music performances are other rock bands from the local music scene: Aoui, Full Pledged Revenge, Not Informed, Reckless Thursday, and Thirds. This event will also feature art displays from underground artists: Francis Jacob, Hannah Fernando, Pluzzyllustrations, and Star Box.

Get your tickets for only P200 each and the We Exist album starting at P350 at the venue starting at 7 PM. For more details, visit Project 4 Productions on Facebook.


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