Universal Records pop-rock band Dotty’s World release their first single, ‘You & Me’

February 01st, 2019
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Universal Records presents its latest signing, pop-rock band Dotty’s World. Formerly known as Dotty Chan, the six-piece band is led by 16 year-old singer-songwriter Dotty Chan, and joined by Chen Pangan (Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals), Mavie Manlutac (Lead Guitars and Backing Vocals), Nico Cuevas (Keyboardist), Justin Casilang (Drums), and Ethan Chan (Bass). The band’s influences include Taylor Swift, Echosmith, Paramore and Moonstar88, as they aim to bring songs that capture the experience of both the joys and the anguish that young people experience.

Their first single, “You & Me” captures just that – as the song tells the story of a young couple trying to save a failing relationship. Dotty, who wrote the song herself, recalls the experience of her friends who went through the heartbreak that is front and center in the track – “the very core of the song is in the line ‘all I want is you and me,’ as it shows one of the people relationship trying their best to save it.” The band brings back a pop-rock sound that is barely heard in today’s young artists, reminiscent of bands that were popular in the late 2000s. As they aim to breakout, the fast-rising band hopes that this song brings something new to the ever-growing OPM scene.


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