Teachers are left with empty classrooms as students go on ‘holiday mode’

January 04th, 2019

The holiday season is finally over – and with it comes the need to go back to school.

For students, returning to school is such a daunting task, despite the benefits of seeing their friends or running into their crushes in the hallway. Because of the “holiday mode”, it’s expected and totally understandable if some of them don’t show up to their respective classes. 

On their first week back to school, these teachers have been posting pictures of how “surprised” they are by the turnout.

This professor posed for a selfie in his empty classroom with a caption, “Is this still our class? Where are they?”

Clase paba ni? 😂🤣 Asa sila???#January3rdBlues 😁

Victor Emmanuel H. Enario 发布于 2019年1月2日周三

Although no one showed up, this student teacher continued “teaching” in front of these empty seats. 

Dedicated teacher here 😂Kahit wala sila at nag-extend ng Christmas vacation, heto ako, nagsasalita mag-isa 😂 habol nalang kayo sa lesson natin.#selfEffort#timer

Adrian Baltazar 发布于 2019年1月3日周四

This teacher desperately searched for his students—the “Bird Box” way!

January 4, 2019. 2nd day of school 👌🏼Girl, Boy? Girl, Boy? Where are youuuuu?I can’t see my students. Is this for real? 😅✌🏼#BirdBox #BacktoSchool

Hope Joseph Yutig Cabatingan 发布于 2019年1月3日周四

Lastly, this teacher who had it all figured out so she just snapped a selfie

Krystel Hope Palma Conejos 发布于 2019年1月3日周四

Good job to all the teachers who started the year right by going back to work. And to all the students who never showed up in class, your teachers are expecting a complete attendance next week!


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