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5 reasons why Miss Spain is an inspiration to all of us

December 17th, 2018

Filipinos had a glorious time after Catriona Gray won the Miss Universe 2018 competition held today, December 17, 2018, in Thailand. Aside from Gray’s winning moment, Miss Spain Angela Ponce – the first transgender contestant in the international beauty pageant – also proved that she’s “winning at life” as she shared inspiring life lessons during the competition.

Here’s how Miss Spain inspired us.

1. Miss Spain bravely showed the world (or the universe rather) her genuine aspirations. Angela Ponce proved to us that she’s unique and perfect in her own way.

Awww. 💙💚💛🧡🧡 Nakakaiyak… Go Miss Spain!!! Keep breaking those boundaries. 😢❤️ No hate, all love. What a wonderful achievement. #MissUniverse⁠ ⁠

— Laura Lehmann (@IAmLauraLehmann) December 17, 2018

2.  Miss Spain joined the Miss Universe competition because she wants to break the barrier of inclusivity. Thus, categorizing people cannot determine the person’s character – be it good or bad

You deserve all the respect Miss #Spain, Angela Ponce, for breaking the barrier of inclusivity.
I am part of the LGBT commmunity. And I accept, rather than just tolerate, you.
Thanks for being an inspiration.#MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/RZ26qWU47A

— Joemar Belleza (@belleza_joemar) December 17, 2018

3.’Regardless of age, color, and sex, a person is still a person who deserves to be respected’ – this is what Miss Spain represented as she owned the runway during the tribute made for her as the first transgender competitor.

Yall if Miss Spain and Miss Universe consider her as a woman then let them be. Stop the hate and let respect and understanding prevail #MissUniverse

— noeh (@johnxnoeh) December 17, 2018

4. One of Ponce’s advocacies is to promote gender diversity and equality. And she finally addressed this in the pageant, “My hope is for tomorrow to be able to live in a world of equality for everyone, simply for us all to understand that we are human”

I LOVE MISS UNIVERSE for celebrating diversity, highlighting the incredible journey of the first Transgender woman vying for the title, Miss Universe Spain, Angela Ponce. #MissUniverse #MissPhilippines

— EDCEL 💭 (@EdcelGonzales) December 17, 2018

5. Miss Spain inspired us to be willing and committed in making our dreams come true.

Thank you all for your messages full of love and support, I am immensely grateful, my participation has been served to demonstrate that dreams come true, and as I said today: "I do not need to win the #MissUniverse, I just need to be here" #MissEspaña pic.twitter.com/F6Sn35JD9G

— ANGELA PONCE (@AngelaPonceReal) December 17, 2018

Miss Spain is the ideal model for LGBT pride – because despite the negative remarks made towards her in the Miss Universe competition, she successfully voiced out the struggles of gender equality in our society today.

More power to you, Miss Spain Angela Ponce!

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