Catriona Gray conquered the world, the universe rather, and Pinoys are all proud of her

December 17th, 2018

In case you haven’t caught up with the latest news today, or weren’t able to join the group of people screaming from their homes, classrooms, and work offices, Philippine representative Catriona Gray was declared Miss Universe 2018! It was, indeed, a great day for all Filipinos as Catriona brought the crown back to the Philippines and represented our country with outstanding beauty, grace, and intelligence.

"I stand here not as one, but for the 104 Million Filipinos!" – Catriona Gray

YOUR #MissUniverse 2018 EVERYONE!!! 👑 #MissPhilippines pic.twitter.com/vlvwyKANuB

— jungkookie 🐰 (@lalasl_) December 17, 2018

And because we Filipinos are known as one of the toughest and most supportive fans when it comes to beauty pageants, a lot of us were probably late for work or school trying not to miss the whole coronation. Team Bahay and Team Office were all in solidarity as Steve Harvey announced Philippines as the winner—no mistakes this time!

MGA GANAP SA MISS UNIVERSE. Only in the Philippines! Congrats Catriona Gray!!! #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/CQFKvHTVIB

— Jomie Hospital (@jomiehospital) December 17, 2018

catriona: won the miss universe crown

every filipino household: #MissUniversepic.twitter.com/tBzqIld6Ms

— prince (@prxnce_) December 17, 2018

every filipino after knowing that catriona won aAAAAA #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/qznBqRwOtf

— głydel (@delosreyesgly_) December 17, 2018

My reaction video in the office kaso bawal magingay hahahhsnsjsnsjsnsjsjsjs LUV U CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/r7j4755AFe

— arquiel (@arquiel) December 17, 2018

A lot of people congratulated Catriona for winning the Miss Universe 2018 title and we’re all feeling proud of her. But nothing can probably compare to her parents’ reaction as seen in this video by Michael Strahan, who happened to be sitting next to them.

I sat next to Catriona Gray’s parents, and this was their reaction when their daughter, Miss Philippines, won Miss Universe. pic.twitter.com/1Wu9ysdhEA

— MikeinCambodia (@MikeInCambodia) December 17, 2018

She showed the world, the universe rather, that she has what it takes to be Miss Universe.

eto yung literal na

"i want to show the World, the Universe rather"

Congratulations Catriona Gray, Philippines 🇵🇭#MissUniverse
ctto pic.twitter.com/T1wHzjyY2D

— dionisio (@deogzmn) December 17, 2018

" I want to show the world, the universe rather" #MissUniverse#CatrionaGray pic.twitter.com/GsvQnvKaGo

— miguel🍒 (@renzzo_x) December 17, 2018

And maybe, what they say is true, that sometimes our failures are just part of the journey and we’re all headed for something better.

Disappointments are just God's way of saying: "I've got something better." Be patient, live life, have faith. ❤️ #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/2dCkI5hUib

— PageantsNews (@PageantsNEWS) December 17, 2018

When she mentioned about “seeing situations with a silver lining” and we see four on her side, we knew our queen’s gonna get that crown!

ah kaya pala "too see situations with a silver lining" okay #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/RW9zqbSBJT

— bryant james (@Beejay_Balleras) December 17, 2018

Miss Universe Philippines and the Four Silver Linings #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/PJxIlG2ccF

— Saranghaeyo Oppa (@SaranghaeyOppaa) December 17, 2018

Catriona embodied not only being Miss Universe but also “Miss Independent” on and off camera.

me when i hear miss independent playing #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/QObB6KyhHh

— austin (@grantgaustin) December 17, 2018

We know that all throughout the whole competition, she dedicated so much effort into representing the Philippines in everything she wore—from the gowns and national costumes down to the accessories that she designed herself—all bearing symbolisms relating to the Philippines. Her “Lava Gown” was inspired from the lava of Mayon Volcano, but some people noticed how it looks a lot like the traffic in EDSA. We stan a queen of symbolisms!

Just found out that Catriona’s evening gown symbolizes the traffic in EDSA! #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/Gj08o49KVz

— jstrjrou (@jstrjrou) December 17, 2018

Bukod sa Mayon Volcano, Catriona's gown also symbolizes the traffic in EDSA! 🚥 Ugh we stan a realistic and intellectual Queen. ❤️👑#MissUniverse#MissPhilippines pic.twitter.com/ALucdFHSvB

— oƃ ƃuᴉʇʇǝl (@_yuriiipsy) December 17, 2018

Cat’s stunning red gown completed the colors of Philippine flag along with previous Pinay Miss Universe title holders.

In case you didn’t know but Catriona Gray just completed our Philippine Flag 🇵🇭

ctto#MissUniverse#MissPhilippines pic.twitter.com/G6RqyooKQb

— AnGelo (@ngldvdcrls7) December 17, 2018

Now the next PH representative might have to wear colors of the flag pole?

Good luck sa susunod nating Miss Universe siya na dapat ang flag pole https://t.co/zatK7r1LBD

— WATUSI GUEVARA 🎄🎅🎆🎁 (@keiakamatsu) December 17, 2018

It only took three years after Pia Wurtzbach’s win and another “confidently beautiful with a heart” Filipina took home the crown and the title again.

The once calm blue sea,
Follows a raging fire
Who brought back the crown
Full of passion and desire ❤💙💛#MissUniverse #MissPhilippines pic.twitter.com/5a90W81WSg

— Anghila 🦄👑 (@BruhhAngyl) December 17, 2018

COLORS OF THE PHILIPPINE FLAG 🇵🇭#MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/RlAj3YWo4Z

— 🌺 (@NXhosh) December 17, 2018

2 of my favorite Ms. Universe Queens in one frame 😍😍😍 #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/5nFSeLAmmb

— CUTIE OH SEHUN (@exostans69) December 17, 2018

Maybe there’s a pattern here; but as how Pia and Catriona did it while walking down the runway, to be Miss Universe, one must probably learn how to change their facial expression from “I’m just gonna act all cute here” to “I’m actually here to steal the crown.” SAME ENERGY, SIS!

same spot. same energy. queens indeed. 🇵🇭 #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/ksQrmSVQ7b

— shierinna (@kjyshi) December 17, 2018

Long before the coronation night, it seems that Cat was already hanging around with the queens and we all know she belongs in the group.

i didn't want to jinx it before but this was already a premonition that the #MissUniverse crown will be back home. pic.twitter.com/WjW05pvVYF

— EAA (@honieviths) December 17, 2018

Surprised with the result? Actually, the after party already happened last summer. 😅 #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/cyLqOpl7Vo

— 🍂Rosie (@ohrosanboy) December 17, 2018

The Prophecy has been fulfilled 👑✨ #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/buZiItrKXp

— Raven🔯🌙 (@drendanvers_) December 17, 2018

Miss Universe 2015
Miss Universe 2016
Miss Universe 2017
Miss Universe 2018#MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/FMlc4HQTrM

— c • SHINee 🍂 (@pixiehnsol) December 17, 2018

And despite the two other hosts “ignoring” her, Catriona Gray rose above among the other contestants like the Ibong Adarna, with her passion as fiery as Mayon Volcano’s lava and erupted victorious.

I don't understand why the 3 co hosts ignore mentioning Miss Philippines

— bryanboy (@bryanboy) December 17, 2018

Too too funny. And too too true ☝🏽 #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/74QdGtuaZ6

— Tim Yap (@officialTIMYAP) December 17, 2018

Oh ano kayo ngayon? Hahaha #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/AZqE8yGqti

— Rhadson Mendoza (@matabangutak) December 17, 2018

Those who belittled her and didn’t believe she could win can now choke because she did not only outstand Miss Universe hopefuls, she also got to beat two of the most powerful pop stars: Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift!

tinalo ni catriona si ariana grande we stan pic.twitter.com/6Iy82BDNIs

— millennial of manila (@MillennialOfMNL) December 17, 2018

Gago akala ko si Ariana Grande kalaban nya https://t.co/eOPAXPhTZ4

— Julember (@rombutans) December 17, 2018


— Saranghaeyo Oppa (@SaranghaeyOppaa) December 17, 2018

The Miss World organization also congratulated her for her win and said that Miss Universe has “a great winner.” Too bad you didn’t see that back in 2016, sweetie.

JUST IN: Miss World congratulates Catriona Gray as she bagged the #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/C7HjSPjqMG

— #BinibiningPilipinas (@binibini_ph) December 17, 2018

Catriona being the newest Miss Universe may be a win for all Filipinos, but most importantly, it opens opportunities for memes and witty branded content. We’re here for the new queen, new memes, fam.

If you then you
don't love don't deserve
me at my me at my
World Universe

Congratulations Catriona Gray, you just brought home the Crown! 🇵💖#MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/RGIhFRjXgT

— LOVE SHOT 💖🔫 (@pcyeolloeypop) December 17, 2018

Congratulations, @catrionaelisa! #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/HGOwCnCdZb

— Angkas (@angkas) December 17, 2018

Congratulations, Catriona! Basta kapag ikaw ay nagipit, ang korona sa Cebuana Lhuillier ilapit!Photo by ABS-CBN News

Posted by Cebuana Lhuillier on Sunday, December 16, 2018

We’re probably all caught up in a swirl of emotions right now, but tomorrow, we’re back to work as usual. (At least, all the gays and the parloristas are in good mood. It’s all that matters, you know.)

Catriona: Nakuha ko na! Back to werk mga bakla! #MissUniverse2018 🇵🇭 pic.twitter.com/znuXqdHHMr

— Creatives of Manila (@CreativesOfMNL) December 17, 2018

We’re also expecting to see this earring in Divisoria in a few days or in every damn jewelry store nationwide real soon. Catriona Gray, a trendsetter, indeed.

Look at Catriona Gray's earring 😍#MissPhilippines #MissUniverse
PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭 pic.twitter.com/wclls5yqDh

— jungkookie 🐰 (@lalasl_) December 17, 2018

And we’ll definitely see babies named after Catriona in 2019!

2019 prediction: magkakaroon ka ng pamangkin tapos pangalan catriona mae

— beauché knowles (@chrsdle) December 17, 2018

She may not won the fight for the world in 2016, but she conquered the universe in 2018. Now that’s a glow-up! Congratulations, Catriona Gray!

I did not xonquer the World because I am destined to become the Queen of the Universe. 🇵🇭#MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/z8emiHNeYX

— Catriona Gray (@CatrionaGrays) December 17, 2018

She became the world, and now she's the universe. #MissUniverse pic.twitter.com/TG1uxf2gW7

— F E E L I N G S (@theartofhugot) December 17, 2018

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