Colleen Hoover’s novel ‘Confess’ comes to life in this addictive miniseries

December 05th, 2018

American author Colleen Hoover has captured the minds and hearts of readers everywhere with her emotionally-charged novels.

From her debut piece “Slammed” to her Goodreads award-winning story “Confess”, Hoover has proven herself to be an influential writer in the world of Young Adult fiction. And now, fans of her novels can rejoice as the film adaptation of “Confess” is now streaming on iflix.

Released back in 2017 by Awestruck, the miniseries follows Auburn Reed (Katie Leclerc) as she struggles to come to terms with the death of her fiance, Adam (Lukas Gage), all the while dealing with her blossoming romance with artist Owen Gentry (Ryan Cooper).

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Riddled with elements of suspense, drama, and romance, this 7-episode series will leave you speechless!

To get you even more excited for the show, here are 4 reasons why you should add it to your iflix must-watch list:

There are a few familiar faces

Screengrab from YouTube.com

Fans of the television series “Switched At Birth” would be delighted to see Katie Leclerc take on the more mature role of single mom, Auburn Reed. And those who’ve enjoyed watching Ryan Cooper dance in the movie “Rough Night” would be surprised to see him take on the mysterious yet swoonworthy character of Owen Gentry.

The beauty of art is showcased in this series

Screengrab from YouTube.com

As shown in the trailer, Owen Gentry is an artist who uses other people’s secrets as a means to create his art. This particular aspect of the character’s life is showcased in the series and his art pieces are exhibited in many of the episodes.

Domestic violence is addressed in the show

Screengrab from YouTube.com

When you’ve reached the latter part of the series, you’ll be surprised to see how this romance turns into a bitter love triangle – wherein one party resorts to physical violence. This leads to all sorts of electrifying scenes that’ll leave you on the edge of your seats!

It’s a love story that will leave you wanting more

Screengrab from YouTube.com

But at the heart of the series lies the sweet story of Auburn and Owen’s relationship. And through the couple’s ups and downs, viewers will realize how limitless loving someone can be.

Viewers can watch the full season of Colleen Hoover’s “Confess” on iflix.com.


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