This lifesaving makeshift faucet helped Tokyo, Japan conserve water

November 26th, 2018

It may sound cliche, but we should learn not to waste water. Not only for our body’s needs, but because water, in general, is essential for human’s survival. In fact, cells, organs, and tissues mainly rely on water in order to function properly. And to keep our body hydrated, it is substantial to drink water or eat water-rich foods. Aside from drinking, water is also used in domestic, agricultural, industrial, recreation, and hydropower generation purposes.

During unforeseen calamities, saving water had become a primary concern in Tokyo, Japan because of its limited supply. Good thing, Japan’s Metropolitan Police Department Disaster Countermeasure Division were able to save the day. In a Twitter post, the said police department shared their lifesaving discovery — a faucet that is made out of plastic bottles.

via Tenor

If you want to try making your own alternative faucet, you can follow these simple steps.

According to the news posted by SoraNews24, the faucet made out of recycled plastic bottles should have a small hole on its side that is about three millimeters (0.08 – 0.11 inches) in diameter.

Then, fill the bottle with water while covering the hole using your finger. Once the bottle is full, put the cap on while still keeping your finger over the hole.

Photo credit: SoraNews24

And that’s it! If you want to start using your makeshift faucet, you’ll just have to loosen the cap a bit. And if you want to turn it off, you’ll just have to tighten the cap. 

via SoraNews24

Do not forget – it is important to punch holes based on the recommended size in order to avoid water leakage. It is also advisable to use two-liter rectangular bottle because its size and side can store water easily. 

It may appear trivial to some, but this cool technique is not for preventive measures only. You can also use this trick to help your children learn something about hydrodynamics.




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