LOOK: Filipino architect reimagines Bonifacio Global City in the future

October 15th, 2018

Architect Miguel Crisostomo shares with InqPOP! his vision of Bonifacio Global City in the future. He names the piece “Bonifacio Global district 2049” or simply “BGD 2049.”

Crisostomo tells InqPOP!:

“My concept for this one is a dystopian BGC /manila ala Ghost in the shell and blade runner 2049. The story of the photo is a struggling Metro Manila in 2049, Baybayin is the major writing system of that time. Holograms now dominate the advertising world as seen with Jollibee, Sogo, cherry and female model. Jollibee company is now called ‘the Bee corp.’ a manufacturing and research company that controls the food and research of the country. Cherry mobile is now called as Cherry Industries, a pioneer when it comes to technology and innovation and military tech. The MRT is relocated to this area. though the technology has improved the appearance look somewhat the same. and finally, the police AIs developed by Chery, dispersed in the streets to control the crowd, crimes, and curfew.”

Check it out:

Photo Credit: Miguel Crisostomo/InqPOP! Creator Community

InqPOP!/Miguel Crisostomo

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