You can spot popular brand logos in this new quirky downloadable typeface

September 03rd, 2018

Digital agency Hello Velocity has created a fun typeface that uses popular brand logos in each letter and number. Brand New Roman offers a quirky font you can use if you wanna give up (finally) on Comic Sans and play around with these corporate company logos you probably know too well. Well, a logo quiz from the letters and numbers in the font could be a fun game, too!

According to Hello Velocity, Brand New Roman serves a clever statement on consumerism and provides “thought-provoking internet experiences.” Highlighting how these companies are ingrained in our day-to-day lives, the font transforms your text into a colorful mashup of 76 popular corporate logos — from big names like Amazon, Beats, Coca-Cola, and more.

It’s site describe the Brand New Roman as the most corporate Corporate Font ever created. “Now all your content can be sponsored content, and sponsored by everybody! But, If you’re sponsored by everybody, are you really sponsored by nobody?”

You can install the font as part of a Chrome or Firefox plugin and it will replace the entire webpages’ font into Brand New Roman. Or you can visit their site and try them out yourself!


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