Forget the Kiki dance challenge, Mocha Uson gave us the ‘Pepe-dede-ralismo’ craze

August 07th, 2018

In case you haven’t caught up with the latest dance craze, people from across the globe are doing the “In My Feelings Challenge” where a person is filmed getting out of a moving car and dances off to Drake’s hit song. But forget Kiki and whether she loves you or not, because there’s a new dance craze in town—you might not want to ride along with it though.

Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Asec. Mocha Uson got herself in yet another fiasco after another controversial video involving her surfaced. In a live video shown last Thursday, Mocha, along with blogger Drew Olivar, hosted a “Good News Game Show” episode which talked about the proposed shift to federalism in the country.  It was meant to explain how federalism is for the betterment of this country; and for our “entertainment,” Mocha and her co-host opted for a “song-and-dance” to explain federalism to the viewers.

Good News Game Show with Drew & Mocha

MOCHA USON BLOG 发布于 2018年8月2日周四

Here’s a cut of the video where Olivar is seen performing his dance choreography on federalism while singing “I-pepe, i-pepe. I-dede, i-dede. I-pe, i-de, i-pederalismo.” He’s even pointing to certain body parts while saying “I-pepe and I-dede”.

WATCH: Sneak peek of our federalism lecture series entitled "Kain Pepedederalismo", hosted by MOCHA USON BLOG and Drew Olivar.

Malacañang Events and Catering Services 发布于 2018年8月4日周六

The lewd dancing sparked outrage among netizens and even senators who called out the PCOO Asec. for its “vulgarity”, saying that she “symbolizes those in favor of federalism.”

Without Mocha Uson, federalism is already dead and awaiting cremation at the Senate. With Mocha Uson, the ashes should be thrown far, far away from the Philippines’ 7,107 beautiful islands.

— PING LACSON (@iampinglacson) August 6, 2018

Mocha defended the controversial dance video and claimed that the video was shot even before she met with the consultative committee (Con-com) that was tasked to draft a new constitution. In a video she posted on her page, she countered that she and Olivar has been doing the game show for quite some time and that they did not receive any payment to promote federalism.

Paglilinaw sa mga pilit na binabaluktot ang issue patungkol sa video ng gameshow. At para sa mga nabiktima ng mga pag twist ng ilang media at dilawang blogger paki panuod na din.

MOCHA USON BLOG 发布于 2018年8月5日周日

Wala pong inilabas na pera dito sa video na ito o sa game show na ito. Walang pera, walang budget, hindi po binayaran si Drew,” she said. Mocha also clarified that she’s not the spokesperson or ambassadress of federalism and that she’s only helping in promoting federalism on social media.

But people are saying that it’s not just about using public funds but also about upholding the dignity of a public office and taking her job seriously. After all, our taxes are paying for her salary.

"Wala pong inilabas na pera dito sa video na ito…" – Mocha Uson


— Jeff Crisostomo #88AKBAYAN (@jeffcrisostomo) August 5, 2018

Mocha Uson: "Wala po inilibas na pera sa video."

Tanga! We don't care if you didn't use gov't dime to release that vid. The issue is that we are paying you to waste your time—and OUR TIME—to create useless content, w/c does not encourage political discourse on Federalism at all!

— Francis Baraan IV (@MrFrankBaraan) August 6, 2018

Totally pissed that Mocha Uson and other good-for-nothing officials earn over a hundred thousand a month while Barangay Health Workers are paid 500 pesos monthly and are just treated as “volunteers” despite literally decades of service.

— Omid Siahmard (@omidong) August 6, 2018

Some reminded her of her duties as a public official and that as someone holding a government position, she should act and think accordingly.

Mocha Uson,

You were appointed to a position, where you could actually make a huge impact, yet continue to remain in a trollish state of mind.

You have a fiduciary obligation to the public now. Act— & think!—accordingly.



— Francis Baraan IV (@MrFrankBaraan) August 6, 2018

Others pointed out how aside from the inappropriate dancing, Mocha and Olivar were wrong about certain aspects of federalism and were basically sharing wrong information to their viewers.

Mocha Uson: Singapore has a federal system

*flashback 1965*

Malaysia: Singapore, you are one of my federal states
Singapore: *declares independence from Malaysia*

— alt sarah patatas 🇵🇭 (@lakwatsarah) August 5, 2018

"… we are the only nation in Southeast Asia that is under a unitary form of government." (Mocha Uson, 2018)@MochaUson do you hate facts? There are only 4 federal states in ASIA: India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea. 10/11 SEA states are unitary. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

— Millennial Mangkukulam (@agasramirez) August 5, 2018

And as an appointee, Mocha Uson’s work reflects that of the president.

The seriousness of the administration to shift to a federal form of government is reflected entirely in the use of Mocha Uson as chief propagandist.

Ms. Uson works for the President. Her work is the President's work.

Yun lang yun.

— Pilo Hilbay (@fthilbay) August 6, 2018

Netizens are calling to fire Mocha and demanding zero budget for the PCOO.

Mocha Uson is geographically, demographically, historically, politically, theologically, morally, existentially, and grammatically incorrect. She will never be qualified to talk about any forms of our government. (Federalism, President Duterte or Ombudsman)

— Are u Alone (@are_u_alone) August 6, 2018

Her continuing presence in government is an insult to all taxpayers, and doubly so to all public servants who do much more but get much less.

Creatively, intellectually, and morally, our country can do better than Mocha Uson. #FireMocha

— Gideon Lasco (@gideonlasco) August 6, 2018

I'm not going to let Mocha Uson & PCOO use P1.4B of taxes paid for by our own blood, sweat, & tears, so she could travel around PH & abroad, to "lecture" to Pinoys about the merits of shifting to Federalism, & to use those "lectures" as senatorial campaign events. NO F*CKING WAY.

— Francis Baraan IV (@MrFrankBaraan) August 1, 2018

Fire Mocha Uson

She is an insult to how our taxes are put to use. We did not ask for stupid, bawdy, and crass social media info.

She is an insult to the government, especially for those who render their work diligently, honestly, and with integrity.#FireMocha

— Miss Maggie (@MiaMagdalena) August 6, 2018

Angry with PepeDederalismo? The House will hear the PCOO's 2019 budget on August 16. Hold Asec. Mocha Uson accountable by demanding #ZeroBudgetPCOO #FireMocha

— justinebalaneee (@justinebalaneee) August 6, 2018

And the plot twist? The Con-com seems to be not happy with the viral video, too. “It is certainly not the way to present federalism,” Con-com spokesman Ding Generoso in a statement.

READ: Official statement of Consultative Committee (Con-com) spokesman Ding Generoso on PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson’s viral video on federalism @inquirerdotnet

— Julius N. Leonen (@JNLeonen) August 6, 2018

But maybe Mocha is really the best person to promote this “campaign” as she can use her “expertise” to fuel federalism.

Mocha Uson went from talking about the pleasures of sex to lecturing about federalism.

I guess her specialty is talking about things that fuck us up.

— Miguel Lizada (@mlizada) August 1, 2018

Before Mocha Uson should be allowed to “lecture” Filipinos, she needs to be lectured on ethics, geography, good manners, history, logic, philosophy, and our democratic way of life. Despite her position, her only real expertise is the trafficking of hate and falsehood.

— Gideon Lasco (@gideonlasco) July 30, 2018

Asec Mocha Uson is the best promoter of Pres Duterte's fake federalism, infamous for its vulgarity to railroad it through an undemocratic & Sen-less charter change, postponement of the 2019 elections & term extention. W/ her as promoter, federalism now has 0 credibility

— risa hontiveros (@risahontiveros) August 6, 2018

Mocha Uson is an example of what happens when take a job that gives you a shit load of money without thinking of its compatibility with your skills.

She could pave way for sex education but she out here discussing federalism in an awkwardly sexual manner that isn’t even funny

— Justine Danielle (@perksofjustine) August 5, 2018

And if showing to the public what federalism in the country would look like is really her goal, then good job, sweetie!

Mocha Uson is me when I pretend to care about politics 🤷🏻‍♀️

— reznikov (@erzastarlet) August 5, 2018

Maybe Asec. Mocha Uson can review this previous interview of hers and see if it speaks to her now. Watch until 00:39!

Mocha Uson to VP Leni: Sinungaling ka

AN OPEN LETTER TO FRED J. ELIZALDE, Chairman CEO of Manila Broadcasting Company This video ni Mocha Uson was shown yesterday sa programa niya po sa DZRH. Dito po walang habas niyang minura at pinagsabihan ng tanga ang Vice President of the Philippines na si Leni Robredo. Hindi ko po alam kung ano po ang pamantayan ng DZRH sa responsible broadcasting but this video is so wrong in so many levels. Sir Fred, sa broadcasting mahirap pong macensor kayo kasi you do it live. Kaya nga po most of your radio commentators and broadcasters ay they do their show responsibly. Sir, ayoko na pong magpaka technical, tanungin nyo na lang po ang sarili nyo if this video of Mocha Uson represents ang prinsipyo at values ng DZRH mula nung panahon ng Martial Law hanggang ngayon? Or kaya nyo po bang ipanood to sa mga anak nyo or apo. If the answer is YES by all means continue to hire her. But if this is not the values your company's represent and even you as a person then maybe it's time for you to save the reputation of DZRH and forget the profit. The reason kung bakit minura ni Mocha si VP kasi sa isyu ng EJK. Sir Fred, alam naman natin ang katotohanan. Araw araw nirereport sa DZRH ang kaliwat kanan na patayan. Sa panahon ng kadiliman sa mga member ng media kami umaasa sa tamang pagbabalita. Pero kung sa pagbukas namin ng radio at internet at ganitong klaseng mga salita ang maririnig namin, hindi po ba nakakapanlumo? I understand na maybe you are thinking about profits when you hired her. Sir, malaking kompanya ang Manila Broadcasting Company, kung masasakripisyo lang naman ang values at reputasyon ng station na pinapangalagaan nyo, ano pa ang silbi nang malaking kita, kung nababalahura naman po ang pangalan ng istasyon?Ako po habang pinapanood ko po ang video, nangngilabot po ako sa kabastusan ng bibig niya. Maatim nyo bang marinig muli from the listening public ang katagang, "Sa DZRH pala nanggaling yung pambabastos na video ni Mocha"?Sir Fred, your company and your family had been a good example sa mga Pilipino for decades now. Please don't let one person destroy what you have built for a long time. If you fire Mocha, you are doing Philippines a huge favor. Your company will be known as the company who promotes good values to Filipino. And your company will be known also as the company who never tolerates KABASTUSAN sa inyong mga empleyado. God bless you with wisdom, discernment and good health, Sir Fred.

Pinoy Ako Blog 发布于 2017年3月18日周六


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