Future University of Adelaide criticized for ad depicting mansplaining

July 02nd, 2018

An advertisement outside the future University of Adelaide has gained criticism all over the world for its depiction of ‘mansplaining,’ the derogatory action in which a man condescendingly explains or talks over a woman.

The poster shows five women surrounding a man who is explaining something while the women listen and observe.

However, the University denied responsibility for the banner, saying that a government agency in South Australia was behind the ad. “While the angle of the photo suggests this is a University of Adelaide image, the image was not supplied by or approved by the university,” the university said. “We recommend you direct your enquiries to Renewal SA.” Renewal SA’s logo can also be seen on the bottom right part of the banner.

Despite the university’s logo placement on the ad, the university claims that “The photo in question on the Renewal SA hoarding is not a university image. It was not supplied by us. It was not approved by us. The people depicted in that photo are not university people.” InqPOP!/Bea Constantino


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