Shaved Mario is going to give you the creeps

May 15th, 2018
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With his signature red hat, blue jumpsuit, and facial hair, Mario is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time.

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Created by Japanese video game designer Shigaru Miyamoto, Mario is Nintendo’s resident mascot, appearing in over 200 video games since his creation. As the protagonist of the video game series, Mario’s adventures focus on rescuing Princess Peach with the help of his brother and sidekick, Luigi.

mario, nintendo, video games, twitter

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But can you imagine Mario without his facial hair? Hard to imagine, right? Well, one user decided to give the internet a mini-heart attack with Mario donning a clean-shaven look:

Shaved Mario

— Give me liberty or give me donuts (@november17) May 13, 2018

And this was how fans of Mario responded to the tweet:

Next time you repost my edits without permission can you at least give me credit or post it in not trash quality?

— Justice for bald Mario (@yourfavisbald2) May 13, 2018

— James Wilcox (@James_Librarian) May 13, 2018

— Bailey Jett (@baileybug03) May 13, 2018

Goodnight to everyone except to who made this

— Samjam Robby (@RobJobby) May 13, 2018

— Morgan Shaver (@Author_MShaver) May 13, 2018

— ▪️ (@yonsumiso) May 13, 2018

cursed image

— Maram (@maram_fah) May 13, 2018

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