Twitter reacts to Xian Gaza getting jail time for an alleged investment scam

April 13th, 2018
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Remember the guy who used a billboard ad to ask Erich Gonzales out on date? Who are we kidding—how can anyone forget that whole fiasco? After the billboard stunt that made him go viral, self-proclaimed CEO Xian Gaza became an internet personality and kept that image alive with social media posts that showcased his wealth and extravagant lifestyle. His “Nyeam!” catchphrase even became a popular meme.

Xian Gaza once again made his way to the headlines yesterday—not because of another ill-advised romantic attempt, but because he’s now in jail. Gaza surrendered to authorities on Thursday after the Malabon Metropolitan Trial Court issued two warrants of arrest for him due to his alleged involvement in an investment scam.

Gaza’s two victims alleged that he borrowed P3 million to finance a coffee shop business, a large portion of which he was unable to pay.

In a series of Facebook posts, Gaza admitted to becoming a “brainwashed networker at the age of 14 and eventually chose the shady path of ‘scamming’ at the age of 18.”

He also condemned the networking industry for “manipulating young innocent minds” and urged networkers to stop the “materialistic indoctrination” so that they could “stop another Xian Gaza being created by the industry every hour.”

Read the posts below:


Gaza appealed to his friends and supporters to help him raise funds for his bail, saying he was “so broke.”

People took to Twitter to express their opinions after the news broke out. A lot of people poked fun at the ordeal and Gaza’s smiling face in the pictures of him in prison:

Travel goals: Xian Gaza

— Jollibee Spicy Chicken Joy (@aiansalaysay) April 12, 2018

When life is shit but you try to keep a positive attitude

*unleashes inner Xian Gaza*

— Kaloy (@karltrooper) April 12, 2018

*googles xian gaza jail*

(c) @inquirerdotnet

— тнιcc тнιgн gsto q n mmtay (@shes_slayin) April 12, 2018

Others think he deserves some credit for surrendering and for his resilience:

I aspire to be as chill as xian gaza

— julya (@julyadelfin) April 12, 2018

Not that he has moral ascendancy, but at least Xian Gaza has the balls to admit his fraud and his lack of money to bail himself out, and to smile it off despite his humiliating circumstances in jail . . .

How about the rest of our big, corrupt politicians? 🙄🙄🙄

— Sir Zoren (@quescaisje_) April 12, 2018

Xian Gaza may have mental problems like how he acts but then he still knows what is right. Surrendering freely is right. This man still deserves a heads up somehow. 👌

— tavias (@saviatoleic) April 12, 2018


— DDDD🦄 (@debitford) April 12, 2018

Some questioned why he needs help with the bail:

xian gaza is asking people to donate money for his bail lmao
what happened to his extravagant lifestyle lmao

— aesthethicc (@TheTeriyakiGirl) April 11, 2018

And some people think that he seriously needs professional help:

It’s probably because I’ve been drowning in my majors but Xian Gaza seems to exhibit signs of Histrionic Personality Disorder, a personality disorder characterized by excessive attention-seeking behavior 🤔

— Justine Danielle (@perksofjustine) April 12, 2018

I don't know, man, but Xian Gaza needs professional help.

— ً (@raphaelmiguel) April 12, 2018

There's something wrong talaga with Xian Gaza 😱 He needs medication.

— 🥀 (@itsauurelioo) April 10, 2018

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