This professor cramming his presentation in a conference is all of us in college

March 27th, 2018

Things can get a little bit too overwhelming sometimes with school requirements, exams in multiple subjects, and life — happening all at once. And for students, cramming is a way of survival; to get through a major exam or to pass a semester and finally see yourself on the road to graduation.

nag procrastinate
nag cram
naiiyak na ko hahahahhaha

— lexi bernardo (@bernardolexx) September 8, 2016

Still can't believe na nagbunga lahat ng paghihirap ko! Lahat ng araw na nag cram ako, lahat ng araw na naiiyak ako kasi parang di ko kaya, yung mga araw na nag take ako ng exam at feeling ko di ako papasa, lahat nasuklian. I PASSED! Sobrang thank you G! ❤️❤️❤️

— Bem 🦋 (@Jollibeeaaa) January 17, 2018

Scientific studies claim that cramming is not really a good practice and that it often fails. But we’ve done it most of our lives that our brain tells us otherwise. Hell, even college theses were sometimes a product of blood, sweat, and expert cramming. People say “you cannot cram the RRL” and yet some can and have survived. (Seriously though, cramming your RRL will make you cry blood tears.)

Yung tipong nagcr-cram ka na tapos nasira pa laptop mo and nagtwtweet ka pa, potaena naiiyak na ako dito

— Kevin, the Concert Guy (@Kevin_Pableo) March 8, 2018

literally everyone: YOU CANNOT CRAM THE RRL

me: 0 words and 12 hrs till deadline – WATCH ME

— inna #EyesOnYou (@defsvts) October 22, 2017

Best in Cramming 👌 pic.twitter.com/3cZzV3Prog

— Frank (@frankbenedict_) March 26, 2018

If you think you’ve already mastered the art of cramming, this professor cramming his presentation for an ongoing international conference will probably tell you: “Sit down and watch me, son.”

If you think you’re good at cramming, my prof makes his slides and prepares his presentation for an international conference IN THE CONFERENCE ITSELF pic.twitter.com/ZPChWPgCIy

— Blaise Cruz (@finelined_) March 26, 2018

In a now viral tweet, Blaise Cruz shared that his professor prepared his presentation for an international conference “in the conference itself” and still managed to ace it. All who claim to be good at cramming can choke.

Ito na guys pic.twitter.com/fF4gp8EJD9

— Blaise Cruz (@finelined_) March 26, 2018

The third year student taking up BS Computer Science with Specialization in Software Technology at De La Salle University shared with InqPOP! that his professor, Jordan Deja, was able to present his research on “using brainwaves to improve commercials in the Philippines.” According to him, it went smoothly and no one suspected that it was a “clutch presentation.”

Cruz spilled that his professor does this all the time — cramming his presentations yet still managing to deliver a well-loved lecture.

He does this all the time lol there was one conference where he messaged me at 1 am saying he still doesn’t know what to present. Following day everyone loved his presentation HAHA

— Blaise Cruz (@finelined_) March 26, 2018

“He was speaker for [a conference in 2017], and the night before the event, at around 1 am, he messaged me if I was ready for the conference. I said yes, he said he still didn’t have a presentation. He clutched it yet again and [then] everyone loved his talk.”

Cruz shared that he has taken 13 units of classes under Deja and he’s also his research mentor in the university’s research lab, DLSU Center for Complexity and Emerging Technologies (DLSU COMET) where Deja is also the current Lab Head.

He also said that Deja is a well-liked professor with faculty evaluation standings consistently scored “outstanding”. Cruz said that as an instructor, Deja is very open and hands-on in class. Deja is also considered a “millennial prof” who encourages his students to share their thoughts and feedback on social media.

“I like that he treats everyone in class in a case to case basis, meaning he adjusts to how every one of us learns, and he tries to do his best to teach us in the way we learn best,” says Cruz. As a research mentor “…he makes sure that all of us have a good degree of independence on how we want to shape our research — he just guides us on how to get there.”

After Cruz’s tweet went viral online, many admired the professor’s skill in cramming without even the look of the slightest pressure on him. People are saying that being “unbothered” as Deja is all they ever wanted to be and that he is  their “spirit animal”. All who have been through the highs and lows of cramming could definitely relate.

he looks so unbothered and that's all I ever wanna be hahaha mabait yan si sir 😁

— Lois Magdamit (@loithmagth) March 26, 2018

grabe brain cells nya hahaha

— Nicole Paderes (@nicolepaderes) March 27, 2018

My spirit animal

— Scarlett Jade ♡🦄 (@scrltjd) March 26, 2018

omg.. this really is college student culture JJSJS

— kae (@kaexsoriano) March 27, 2018

Me during my undergrad years HAHAHA

— Margaux (@margauxjimeneez) March 26, 2018


— 🌺 (@imprincessjam) March 27, 2018

Deja then expressed his gratitude on Twitter for the insights he’s receiving and clarified that he is not encouraging people to cram.

Im overwhelmed and grateful by the insights, faves and RTs. Dint expect this talaga.

But hey guys, I dont encourage cramming ha. I only encourage you to be chill at all times. Grace and composure builds one’s character #nuks hehe thanks @finelined_ https://t.co/n6QaCX6Ko6

— Jordan Deja (@jrdndj) March 26, 2018

For those who are cramming and crying their way through a mountain of paperwork in the middle of the night, we ask: “Teach us your ways, master.”

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