Someone made another ‘Friends’ reunion parody trailer and we wish it were real life

January 24th, 2018

We’ve seen a ton of fake trailers for a Friends “reunion” movie, and just this month another one came out. Published by the group Smasher on YouTube, the “concept trailer” uses clips from existing movies of the cast and creates a narrative about their lives years after the last episode of the highly successful series.

For example, Phoebe becomes a doctor:

And Joey wins an award:

The parody also includes a scene where Ross and Joey seem to have stumbled upon one another after not seeing each other for a long time:

It’s also implied in the fake trailer that Chandler and Monica got divorced, but it looks like they’re finding love with each other again?


Although there are some parts that don’t really add up, we think it’s put together pretty well. Judge for yourself after watching it below:

Some people on Twitter felt personally attacked by the fake trailer because it just raised their hopes for something that might never happen:

Well, no matter how good these parody trailers get, we know they’re not the real deal. And it also looks like we’re never gonna get a real reunion movie—guess we’ll just have to binge-watch the ten seasons for all eternity! /PAR

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